Young eco-activists research rivers and help the Baltic Sea

The 16th youth environmental conference “Eco-monitoring of rivers and the Gulf of Finland took place in Peterhof town on the South shore of the Gulf of Finland “22nd of October 2016.

Friends of the Baltic presented small-scale eco-solutions for rural households

Friends of the Baltic NGO 4th of August in the gardening community has demonstrated the simple eco-solutions for individual rural households, which help to protect water bodies from domestic and agricultural pollution. The audience was the group of activists of the Union of gardening and dacha’ non-profit associations of the Lomonosov district of Leningrad oblast.

Toxic waste landfill Krasnyi Bor visited by HELCOM experts at 10 June 2016

Experts from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden were joined by representatives of national environmental administrations, international financial institutions, NGOs as well as regional and federal environmental authorities of Russia. HELCOM and Coalition Clean Baltic representatives were among the international NGO's involved into discussion about toxic waste landfill.

Open Lessons on Energysaving at Russian International Energy Forum in 2016

On 17-19th of May Environmental organization "Friends of the Baltic" and Energy efficiency Center of St. Petersburg held a series of media presentations and interactive lessons on energy efficiency for students and teachers, using SPARE materials at the Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF). Students learned what energy audit is, why we should insulate our apartments and save planet's resources, how to use energy efficiently, without reducing the comfort of life.

The "Climate Ambassadors" Training in St. Petersburg Started all-Russia Climate Action Days

On 8th of April “Friends of the Baltic” held “Climate ambassadors” training which was dedicated to the start of all-Russia program – Climate action days. Teachers and volunteers interested in the climate issues received updated information about the impact of climate change on our city and residents. And most importantly received the solutions that could lower our impact on climate and environment. From April 22nd they will hold lessons and lectures in schools and universities according to the materials of the project and in the frameworks of Climate action Days.

Workshop for teachers in St.Petersburg: «Eco-management in schools and simple solutions for energy efficiency and saving resources”

Workshop was organized by Friends of the Baltic NGO within SPARE project and 10th all-Russian seminar “Environmental education for sustainable development – contribution to the future” held by St.Petersburg Academy for post-graduate pedagogical education with cooperation of Committee for Education, Committee for nature use and environmental protection, Committee of State Duma on environment, Commission foe environment of St.Petersburg legistlative assembly, and many other educational, business, NGO and other organizations.

Regional game “Save Climate” in St.Petersburg, Russia

December 11 in St.Petersburg more than 25 school teams expressed their knowledge on climate change and greenhouse gas sources, understanding necessary actions to save energy, presented models of renewable energy sources and energy efficient houses, made simple investigations of heat losses in school.

Energy efficient buildings - comfort, savings, nature and climate conservation

"Friends of the Baltic" with the support of non-profit partnership "City Association of homeowners" led the acquaintance tour to "energyefficient residential block" at the end of the week which followed the International Energysaving Day.

Climate Change Adaptation on Coastal Areas

A seminar under the title “Climate change – the effects and adaptation: views on the climate change strategies of the federal subjects” took place in St. Petersburg on December 27th 2014. The seminar offered expert views both on the risks and negative effects of the climate change, and on the necessary measures that especially on coastal areas have to be taken to adapt to climate change. Russian Social Ecological Union presented a review of the climate programs in the Russian regions and they had prepared a position paper for the upcoming UN climate change negotiations in Lima.

Training for Ecosupporters - action plan on energy efficiency in schools

On 28th of October in Pushkin near St. Petersburg seminar-training on energy and resource saving in educational institutions was held. Training was organized by "Friends of the Baltic" NGO in the framework of the Russian-Finnish project "Step to Ecosupport" with the assistance of SPARE project. School ecosupporters from St. Petersburg exchanged experience with experts in the field of practical education on energy saving from all corners of Russia and prepared a model energy efficiency action plan for schools.

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