GULF of FINLAND region
 Local Agenda 21 for Youth 

Local Agenda 21 for the youth

The Gulf of Finland is the most shallow and vulnerable part of the Baltic. The habitat of people, animals, birds and other live organisms in the region of the Finnish Gulf has been forming for many millenniums. Presently, impact of human beings on the nature here can destroy not only separate species of plants or animals, but can cause irreversible loss of natural habitat for future generations. Human activity on any of the Gulf shores can change the Gulf ecosystem on the whole, can worsen life conditions for all inhabitants of its coasts and waters.

Local Agenda 21 for the region of the Gulf of Finland is the action plan for reaching Sustainable development of the region in the 21st century, such development that will satisfy the needs of the present generation without risks to healthy and harmonic life of future generations of all region inhabitants.

Environmental NGO's, teachers on the shores of the Gulf of Finland (in Russia, Estonia and Finland) disseminate the ideas of Local Agenda 21, draw youth in activity for the sake of sustainable development. Work of the youth on Local Agenda 21 gives energetic and initiative youngsters the possibilities to understand the basis and the essence of Sustainable Development, gives motivation to use democratic mechanisms of the civil society for participation in the process of local self-government, in making decisions that influence the present and the future state of out Habitat.