GULF of FINLAND region
 Local Agenda 21 for Youth 

What we - teachers, schoolchildren, youth
- do for the sustainable development:

Young environmentalists investigate the Peipia creek in the Kotelsky nature reserve, South shore of the Gilf of Finland, RussiaStudy and protect rivers, lakes, shores and their inhabitants; organise actions on cleaning shores, on planting trees. Organise exhibitions, actions and pickets to attract attention of residents and authorities to the necessity of protection of waters and shores, distribute leaflets. Protect valuable natural and historical objects, organise public micro-reserves.

Study the influence of energy sources on the nature of the region, learn to save energy, create our own projects on energy saving Cleaning Up action near the old wind-mill in Sillamae, Estoniaand future energy production.

Disseminate the ideas of environmentally sustainable way of life, organise bike actions, environmental camps, expeditions.

Work in youth eco-parliaments, youth environmental press-centres; co-operate with local authorities, lobby our own vision of Sustainable development and the future of our region.

Make and publish hand-books for teachers and children about nature, on environmental education and Sustainable development.International teachers seminar on the Baltic-Scandinavian co-operation and promotion of the youth LA21. Lomonosov, Russia

Develop regional and international co-operation; exchange information and experience; organise joint seminars and trainings for teachers, educational visits of children and youth groups, international actions.

The youth LA 21 network on the shores of the Finnish Gulf -
это is joining up our efforts for protection of our common values,
for creation of a common vision of the future of the region
as a part of Sustainable Baltic!