GULF of FINLAND region
 Local Agenda 21 for Youth 



We need to save:
Clear rivers filling the Gulf of Finland!
Fresh air that we all breathe!
Clean soil that feeds us!
Forests that give air, shelter and food to big and small animals!
Bogs that give birth to rivers!
Virgin nature of coasts necessary for rest and feeding of birds
on their way of annual migrations!
Biodiversity that was created during millions of years!

What would you like to add in this list, dear Reader?

We can be hampered by:
Releases polluting big and small rivers.
Pollution of the Gulf with oil and oil products.
Accumulation of radioactive wastes, possible nuclear accidents at NPP's
and spent nuclear storages, thermal impact of NPP's on the Gulf.
Air pollution from industry and transport.
Uncontrolled forest cutting.
Inefficient excessive consumption of energy and resources.
Absence of selective collection and utilisation of wastes.

What would you like to add in this list, dear Reader?

We can:
Avoid littering at home, in the street, in the countryside.
Plant a tree by ones home, school, on the shore.
Consume energy and natural resources more efficiently.
Take care of natural values, attract other's attention to the need of their protection.
Use all legal ways to influence the decisions made by local authorities
on the future of ones district, town, village, to provide Sustainable development
and harmonic life for all inhabitants on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

Dear Reader, what, in your opinion,
we can do more for Sustainable Development of our region?