Aarhus Convention for Better Environment

We have a right to know! We have a right to participate!


This publication contains information about our rights for participation in decision-making on the events that we meet every day. Either cutting trees or building a new plant, we have to know how we can influence these processes. This booklet contains a list of main laws on environmental protection, starting from the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and information about organisations working in the field of environmental and health protection. Much attention is paid to the Aarhus Convention, which was the first international document generalising environmental rights of common people.



AVA logo   AVA is an international network of NGOs from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Russia.

The mission of AVA network is to improve the environment by promoting AWARENESS and VALUES through international co-operation by taking concrete ACTIONS (AVA).

Severin is the NGO, which supports AVA network. Severin has its roots in the Danish Folk High School tradition and through its activities is promoting the Danish experience with popular enlightenment and with development of the capacity of civil democracy. Severin is working nationally as well as internationally.

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