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Norwegian project for construction straw-clay houses
in Leningrad region
Principles of eco-building
Straw-clay houses in Norway
Av HALM 1953-2005

Eco-buildings in Leningrad region - Norwegian variant.

The last days of May 2006 on the bank of the Syas' river the group of environmental activists and eco-journalists from St.Petersburg, Leningrad region and Karelia with assistance of Friends of the Baltic had a meeting with Norwegian eco-architects. They met in the Ryzhkovo village to discuss experience and opportunities for cooperation and promotion of eco0building in Russia.

In Ryzhkovo Norwegian eco-architects together with NGO "School House" build house from the straw and clay. This is only one of eco-technologies, which uses cheap domestic natural materials and secures high energy efficiency, living comfort and environmental friendly approaches. Such technologies had been used a long ago in Southern Russia and Ukraine, in American steps when переселенц came there and in Norway since 1950-th.

New approach of Norwegian architects - not only straw/clues material, but following all principles of environmentally friendly house.

Today we often try to make our home energy effective and warm - install plastic double-glass windows, use synthetic insulation materials and, as a result, we live in the waterproof "plastic box". Alternative to this way - "breezing" house with natural insulation materials and natural ventilation.

First environmentally friendly straw-.. house was built in the Svetlana commune on the left bank of the Syas' river. Now architects and enthusiasts volunteers build "School House" in Ryzhkovo. Norwegian students of architect college come here in summer for the practice. Friends and partners of School House team come here with their own children and help. This work in Ryzhkovo - not only construction process. This is also learning, communication, enjoying nature.

Norwegian architects and Russian activists of eco-NGOs discussed possible cooperation for promotion of eco-building in Russia.

NGOs are very interested in this issue and have some experience in some fields, connected to eco-building principles. Friends of the Baltic at the meeting shared their experience and materials on energy efficiency in t5he housing sector and accessible renewable sources for NW Russia.

Center for environmental initiatives spoke about waste water treatment technologies for individual houses and small villages, based on Swedish experience.

Svet Ladogi NGO presented their plan to build the eco-expedition center on the island in Ladoga lake near Sortavala, using eco-technologies.

Methods of eco-building are requested by many people and organizations. Enthusiasts of Byborg district of Leningrad region are palnning the construction of eco-village "Varyazhskii Dvor", using energy form micro-hydro power station and other renewable sources/ Possibilities to build cheap and healthy house from local accessible natural materials as very interesting for constructors of ordinary country houses.

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