International cooperation

International cooperation
International cooperation

Russian-Estonian bus campaign
"Local sustainable initiatives in Russia and Estonia"

The campaign was aimed to exchange of Russian and Estonian experience of public participation in the local and regional planning, and NGO sustainable initiatives. Establishing contacts between Russian and Estonian NGOs and local groups, informational and methodical exchange.


Activists of NGO
"Friends of the Baltic",
"Estonian Society for Nature Conservation",
"Centre for Environmental Initiatives",
"Narva Society for Nature Conservation".

Campaign included:

 • Round Table on environmental education in St.Petersburg;
 • Visiting Koporye Fortress 14 century (local initiative for organizing tourism service);
 • Visiting Pscov, meeting in Pskov with activists of Lake-Peipus Project NGO;

 • Visiting Pechory - unique nature, cultural and historical site;
 • Participation in the Annual Meeting of Estonian Society for Nature Conservation and meeting local activists from the whole Estonia,
Meeting with president of Estonia Arnold Ruitel.

 • Environmental trip on unique historical and natural objects of South-Eastern Estonia.

 • Meeting in Narva with activists of Narva Branch of Estonian Society for Nature Conservation, discussion of further cooperation.