GULF of FINLAND region

Collection of information and methodical materials

The fourth edition, extended and re-casted

Prepared and published by Children of the Baltic
with assistance of Green World
and financial suppor of Coalition Clean Baltic


This book describes the Values of Our Habitat important for us, adult and young inhabitants of the Gulf of Finland region. These are not only unique natural objects, but significant objects of history and culture.

The work on description of Our Habitat Values became an interesting method for formation of mentality of sustainable development in the public, especially among the youth. Such method can be successfully used on the other shores of our commob Baltic Sea.

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O. Senova, O. Bodrov
V. Ovtcharenko, O. Senova
O. Bodrov, V. Ovtcharenko,
O. Senova, A. Fedorov
M. Kasparov
V. Antoninov
O. Zakrevskaya


We thank the Cartography department of the Russian National Library for granting "The National Map of European Russia", 1903, edition for the design of a cover.

St. Petersburg