Gulf of Finland region



The region of the Gulf of Finland is unique. Values of habitat make its inimitable image. These are concrete nature, historical, and cultural objects that are considered by its inhabitants as important for their lives, and that must be conserved for us and for future generations.

A part of these Values are not protected by the state, but are connected either with a special period in the life of the nature, or with historical events in the life of the region, or even with events in the life of a certain inhabitant of this area. Many of these Values are described by inhabitants of the Finnish Gulf shores in this book. Thus, we make a Catalogue of Civil Values.

Creators of this Catalogue did their best to describe the parts of their habitat in such a way that other inhabitants could feel the same love to them.

Many authors of this book share the Dostoyevskiy's confidence that the Beauty will save the World. They showed that the shores of the Finnish Gulf are not an empty space which needs construction of new industrial objects for the sake of its inhabitants. This habitat is full of many Values dear for many citizens. Besides that, this is the habitat for many other species of animals and plants. This is our common habitat!

In 1992 at the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro, the document on Sustainable development was adopted. The Sustainable development is defined by this document as "the development without harm to basic environmental, social and economic processes, to environmental and social systems which depend on these processes". The Conference participants decided to develop and adopt programmes of such development both on national, regional and local levels.

The authors consider creation of the Map and Catalogue of habitat Values as their civil contribution to the process of Sustainable development at the local and regional levels, as a part of the global process started in Rio de Janeiro. Because sustainability will occur when habitat Values will be conserved and reproduced. The existing Values must not be destroyed for creation of new ones.

The Map of Values is only a part of the process, into which we must involve many citizens living in the region of the Gulf of Finland. Creators of the Map of Values consider this process not only within the frames of the "Baltic Russia", but seek to involve citizens of neighbouring countries in this work. Because the region of the Gulf of Finland is our common home. Creation the Map of Values and its publication may become one of the forms of public participation in the process of Sustainable development not only of the Finnish Gulf, but of the whole Baltic region.

The feeling of common Values necessary for construction of harmonic, sustainable life for the current and future generations gives hope for success for the Sustainable development. Because all the participants of this process, with their different social roles, are inhabitants of the Baltic region.

Oleg Bodrov, Green World