Gulf of Finland region



We published the first edition of materials about Our Habitat Values in 1998. Presentation and discussion of this publication took place in the Lomonosov town and attracted NGO representatives, teachers, scientists, and specialists of the state environmen-tal service. This meeting started a co-operation network at the South shore of the Gulf of Finland, became a beginning for development of the common view on the environment and its natural, cultural and social Values as the basis for elaboration of the programme for joint actions and Agenda 21.

Today the co-operation network on the shores of the Gulf of Finland broadens, links with our colleagues and friends from the North shores develop. Moving Environmental Conferences, bike actions, which were organised by Green World and Children of the Baltic along the North and South coasts of the Finnish Gulf in Russia, Finland and Estonia, meetings with children, environmental activists, teachers, journalists and representatives of authorities gave the opportunity for each participant to show his or her own view on the Values of Our Habitat and to understand that we have very many common Values, which we would like to save.

The project of Children of the Baltic on co-operation of teachers and youth ecogroups and on development of exchange environmental educational programmes in the Baltic and Nordic Region supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers played a great role in development of the concept of Values and of the River Watch network. Youth visits to Estonia and Finland, meetings with our Baltic colleagues in St.Petersburg facilitated exchange of experience on promotion of ideas of the Values, of nature protection and involvement of youth in this process.

These visits and meetings resulted in understanding that people living in different countries have very similar Values, one common Habitat the coast of the Gulf of Finland, which we all love and want to save. This might help to create common understanding of sustainable development, common standards and Our Habitat Values, which are still controversial for adult politicians on different shores of our common sea.

The Our Habitat Values project and the co-operation network on the shores of the Gulf of Finland are open for everybody who loves Living Nature and wishes to contribute in preservation of our coast, who is ready for joint work on our common Agenda 21.

Olga Senova, Children of the Baltic

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