The forecast of future


Will suffice on all
   Authorities both the inhabitants of coast of Baltic and gulf have decided, that The destruction of an environment occurs in basic Because of high consumption of resources. Was decided It is a little to reduce aspiration to fast To industrial growth. Have refused from huge The projects - port complexes, superhighway, Huge factories, agrocomplexes. Steel more To develop small farms, Ecologically clean small enterptise, Working on local requirement, alternative Power (wind -, hydro- etc.).
   The inhabitants consciously have lowered a consumption level - It is less steel to use automobiles, By power-intensive electrodevices, expensive by the goods, By subjects of luxury. The society has become more Homogeneous. To live become is rather poor, but is quiet - more To go by bicycles, it is easier to put on, it is easier To eat. There was a hope on partial Restoration of natural resources and preservation them for The following generations.
While at us all in the order
   For the decision of growing ecological problems at us The Authority very rigidly is conducted planning economy, Operates territory. The stratification of a society on grows Rich н poor. The authorities consider, what to ensure Worthy life it is impossible for the whole population, and Therefore provide ecologically safe conditions Existence only in separate settlements. One The areas produce a profit, there keep a nature, and in Others are not present money.
   On northern coast of a Finnish gulf is arranged National park, rich foreigners there go, Leaving there money. The industry develops By high rates. Manufactures, ports, отходы Are concentrated in a southern part of pool of a Finnish gulf. The inhabitants of "dirty" areas envy the inhabitants of "clean" Areas also consider, that those grow rich at the expense of their health. The standart of living, consumption grows, in a life is used It is ever more modern engineering, modern Chemical means, and islands of a clean nature Decrease, though the authorities and conduct The ecological computing control of levels of pollution.
Gold century
   In all countries are using high technologies. The technologists could make safe and ecologically clean atomic energy. Pollution therefore have disappeared, Connected with burning coil, petroleum, gas, production Radioactive ore and burial place отходов. Change Climate caused by hotbed effect, Is stopped. There was cleaner our Finnish gulf, other The seas and oceans. Have stopped to cut down of a raining wood and The expansion of deserts is stopped. The advanced countries Transfer the achievement to the backward countries, and level Life everywhere grows.
   Successes bioengineering and application of effective utilizers allow to receive high crops. But Intensive methods agrotechnics, application Chemical means have resulted in extinction, many Kinds animal and plants. The population and The industry is concentrated in, limited, Areas. Others the territories are almost deserted.
Hell on the Earth
   For maintenance of a high level consumption we We continue to burn petroleum, gas. The coast of a gulf are built up By new atomic power stations, ports, By storehouses radioactive отходов. The emissions grow The industrial enterprises. There was a failure on one From nuclear stations, and the population is moved from Sosnovy Bor up to Bolshaya Ijora.
   Other ecological problems also cause Mass resettlements of the people. Settlers live in Thrown villages, barracks. Valuable woods and vulnerable ecosystems do not survive. General rise in temperature has caused Rise of a level of global ocean, and the gulf has flooded Coastal strip of width from one up to five Kilometers. Neighboring woods and agricultural allots are polluted. To cultivate vegetables, fruit, to collect Mushrooms and berries to drink water and water from well Dangerously.