Children of the Baltic Publication


O. Senova, "Children of the Baltic", A. Fedorov, "Center for Environmental Initiatives",


Introduction of renewable energy sources needs for its success favourable public opinion, support and interest in their application. In the North-West Russia, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also consider renewable energy as a real alternative to development of nuclear energy and prolongation of operation of hazardous Leningrad and Kola nuclear power plants.

The work of NGOs includes raising awareness and informing adults and children on possibilities of renewable energy, distribution of good examples of its application, and support to local initiatives.

One of the first public successes in introduction of renewable energy is the experience of the Kola Coordination Environmental Center "Geya". In 1997, this Center started, jointly with the Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and with support of the Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation, the project on use of wind energy on the Kola Peninsula. The first of the windmills has been installed in Murmansk by now.

For over five years already, the international educational SPARE project has been implemented in the North-West Russia. The Project includes education, children creativity activities on renewable energy and energy saving, and professional orientation of schoolchildren in this sphere. This favors positive attitude of the new generation to renewable energy and successful application of its ideas both in common life and professional activity.

Since 2002, Children of the Baltic jointly with the Center for Environmental Initiatives, St.Petersburg Polytechnic University and the Bristol Center for Sustainable Energy (UK) work with the general public on the basis of the Public Center for Environmental Information. There they provide for the visitors the Demonstration Center for Energy Efficiency, the library, the collection of videofilms, free access to internet, publish and distribute popular materials on possibilities of renewable energy in St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region, organize different indoor and outdoor events. Annually, on April 26, the Day for Alternative Energy, an open day for visitors - citizens, students, business people, local authorities - is held there.

The prospects of these activities include broadening raising awareness for creation of positive public opinion and forming public demand in the sphere of renewable energy. NGOs believe that this is an important component of sustainable development in our region.