Velo Action 2000

  1. Lomonosov
  2. Sosnovy Bor
  3. Ust-Luga
  4. Kingisepp
  5. Narva
  1. Sillamae
  2. Maardu
  3. Tallinn
  4. Hijumaa
  5. Nature Values of the South Shore of the Gulf of Finland



Participants of the Youth Action near the Lomonosov Children Environmental Tourism Center
Sosnovy Bor
Action «For the Clean Nature and Nuclear-Free Future», Sosnovy Bor, 9.07.2000
Children of the Baltic against the import of the
radioactive wastes to Russia
Action in Sosnovy Bor, Distribution of the coloring book «Drop and Spark adventures»
Environmental tarining for children in the Kurgalsky summer ecological camp,
Krakolskaya school, Ust-Luga, 10.07.2000
Stay of the group near the Babinskoye lake (Kotelsky nature reserve) in the
country-house of Sergey Haritonov
Action «For the Clean Nature and Nuclear-Free Future» in Kingisepp, 12.07.2000
Participants of the action and local youth on the market square in Kingisepp 12.07.2000
Presentation of the results of the workshop «Environmental Education» at the seminar «Youth LA21», Narva
Participants of the bike action at the Baltic Shale Power Plant, Narva,
Group against the chimneys of Baltic Shale Power Plant, Narva. Smoke from
them sometimes cover the whole Gulf of Finland
Workshop «Environmental education» at the Narva seminar «Youth LA21», 13.07.2000
Closing the seminar
The alkaline fly-ash waste-fields of the Baltic Power-Heat station near the Narva
Action participants with local environmentalists near the buiding of the
Sillamae city Administration
Stay of the group near the Estonian farmstead, 15.07.2000
Meeting of the youth eco-group and Children of the Baltic at the old
wind-mill during the Cleaning Up action in Sillamae
Meeting with the chairman of the Muugu city municipality, 18.07.2000


Press-conferense of the Children of the Baltic and Green World in Tallinn
Children of the Baltic in the Estonian Ministry of Education, 19.07.2000
Chairwoman of Children of the baltic in the Estonian Ministry of Education
On the streets of Talllinn 19.07.2000
Participants of the Youth action and Moving environmental conference with
flags near the Estonian Ministry of Education
Meeting with Estonian eco-activists in the Coalition Clean Baltic office
(Estonian secretariat) in Tallinn. 18.07.2000
Children of the Baltic members in the New-Tallinn port, Muuga bay,
Youth bike group came to Tallinn
Inspector of ecology of the Hijumaa island Lea Vaher  near the Lighthouse
Learning the technical dates of the wind generator on the Hijumaa
Island Hijumaa - pearl of the Estonia and East Baltic
Windmill generator, belt in Denmark. Power 150 kWatt, prize 3 mln USD
Nature Values of the South Shore of the Gulf of Finland
Waterfall Jagala is largest on the Gulf of Finland coast!
Reflection about Future and a Past - leaders of the Youth Action and Moving
Conference at the old fortress Koporye (14 century)
Orthodox hurch inside of the Ivan-gorod fortress
Action participants near the old fortress Toolse
Action participants near the waterfall Jagala
Old fortress Toolse on the gulf shore