Ёкологическое кольцо

Environmental Cycle
through the Nature Values and "Hot Spots"
on the South Shore of the Gulf of Finland and Izora Plateau.

Youth bike action 2001

Traditional youth bike action was organized by Children of the Baltic jointly with Green World. Participants - shcoolchildren from 10 years old, teachers and eco-activists from St.Petersburg, Lomonosov and Kipen covered more than 130 km from the Gulf of Finland coast along the Strelka river, through Kipen, Lopuhinka, Gostilitsy, basins of Kovash river and Karasta river, Map of Environmental CycleLomonosow and finished on the Gulf soast at the place before the Menshikovsky palace, where bitumen terminal is planed.

Two public actions were organized - 7th of July on the Kipen's Lake coast and 9th of July in Lomonosov - distrubution of the environmental leaflets and booklets, cleaning up the coast. The press conference for journalists, devoted to the Green and Hot Spots of the Gulf of Finland coast, was organized 9.07.01 in Lomonosov Environmental Children Tourism Center.

Cleaning up action on the Kipen lake coast Church of XVIII century in Dyatlitsy Radon lake in Lopuhinka Wrecked palace complex of XVIII century in Gostilitsy
Fish-farm at the radon lake in Lopuhinka Roads of Leningrad oblast... Last meters of Youth Bike Action Finish of bike action near the Lomonosov Children Environmental Tourism Center


Cyclists near the Strelna train station
The group near the dam on the Strelka river
Cycle group moves along the Strelka river to the Gulf of Finland coast
Monument of the Second World War heroes in New Ropsha
The cycle group at the wrecked Ropsha palace
Stop at the old post-station in Kipen
The final of public action at the Kipen lake