A 10-kilometers Marathon Was Held in Vyborg for the Baltic Sea

May 27, a traditional half-marathon was held in Vyborg. Volunteers from youth ecological organization “Friends of the Baltic” NGO have participated in the marathon together with professional athletes from St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. Young ecologists devoted their sport achievements to the protection of the unique environment of the Baltic Sea and Vyborg archipelago.

The program of the competition consisted of three distances: 3,5 km, 10 km and 21 km. There were 117 participants competing in 10 km distance and Friends of the Baltic volunteers were among those.

Besides challenging own endurance and physical training, participants could also enjoy beautiful and picturesque areas of Vyborg along the route of the marathon.

The competition was a great success and “Friends of the Baltic” volunteers are going to participate in 21 km distance next year.

Comment by Olga Senova:

Vyborgians live right on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and they value sea nature. Natural reserve “Birch islands” is situated near Vyborg, giving nesting place for rare bird species and serving as a rest area for thousands of birds during their annual migrations. On the nearby islands of the Gulf of Finland the “Ingermanlandsky” natural reserve is being created nowadays. And of course the Vyborg archipelago as many other places of the Northern shore of the Gulf of Finland is very nice areas both for humans and animals.

In the same time industrial load on the aquatorium and coasts of the Gulf of Finland is growing. Port terminals in Primorsk, Vyborg and Vysotsk are operating more and more intensively, NordStream gaz pipeline was launched recently. Human activities in the Neva Bay also make an impact on the environment of the Northern shore. Shore deposition for the Sea Façade and now – from alluvium works next to Sestroretsk causes the tail of suspended sediments that reaches the Finnish coast.

The water transparency in the Gulf of Vyborg is no more than 80 cm. Ecological situation next to Vyborg coast is getting worse. One of the indicators is a considerable decrease of the fish stock in the gulf, which is noticed by all local fishermen.

That is why the care of “Friends of the Baltic” volunteers in Vyborg for the Baltic Sea is quite understandable and we hope that their initiative will be continued and attract more successors.

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