Youth investigations and ideas for the green future addressed to the Gulf of Finland Year

14th annual youth conference “Eco-monitoring of the small rivers and Gulf of Finland” has gathered more than 70 participants from St.Petersburg, Leningrad oblast and Finland. They exchanged information and opinions on the ecological conditions of the nature water objects, and ways to make Gulf of Finland clean and comfortable environment for all live inhabitants. Youth proposals for improvement of the Gulf of Finland environment were a subject of Youth Declaration of the Gulf of Finland Year. Its presentation had opened the conference.

"Friends of the Baltic" presented their projects and programs in the 2014-2015 academic year

At the round table, which was held in St. Petersburg on September 16th, Friends of the Baltic specialists announced programs and projects for the upcoming academic year. Teachers, students and all partner organizations were invited to cooperate on different issues - environmental education, support for environmental management in schools, implementing energy saving measures and other green solutions for nature conservation, climate change and the Baltic Sea.

Young people from Russia, Finland and Estonia turn to the citizens and leaders of the three countries with their Declaration on the Protection of the Gulf of Finland

The year 2014 has been declared as The Gulf of Finland Year: the memorandum has been signed by the Finnish, Russian and Estonian environmental ministries. The presidents of the three countries act as patrons for the theme year. Besides scientific research, there will be a lot of educational events for a broad audience throughout the year. Friends of the Baltic coordinate the international youth cooperation for drawing up the Declaration on the Protection of the Gulf of Finland.

Russian “Step to Ecosupport” Project Experts Studied Green Solutions In Norway

"Step to Ecosupport" project experts of "Friends of the Baltic" NGO get acquainted with practical green solutions that implemented in educational and municipal areas in Norway. Simple steps for proper disposal of waste in schools, kindergartens and at home, green energy for heating houses, support of ecological transport is only small part of experience that can be useful to Russian ecosupporters.

Young people and the natural values of the Gulf of Finland: Three Countries – Three Islands

1 – 11.8. Friends of the Baltic organized a youth educational trip to Estonia, Finland and Russia. The tour was part of the seminars under the title “Three Countries – Three Islands”. Young people from the three countries stayed at the islands of Aegna (Estonia), Suomenlinna (Finland) and Krestovsky (Russia). During the trip, the young acquainted themselves with the natural values of the shores and islands of the Gulf of Finland, learned, what environmental threats the gulf is facing and heard also about the practical measures to protect it. Experts from the three countries held seminars on the islands, concentrating on the problems of eutrophication, biodiversity, sea transport, fishery, etc.

Youth Declaration on the Protection of the Gulf of Finland prepared at an international camp

The international Russian-Finnish-Estonian youth camp preparing the Youth Declaration on the Protection of the Gulf of Finland ended on July 27th. Friends of the Baltic was one of the organizers. Russian participants returned to St. Petersburg with the Declaration that reflects the young people’s thoughts about how the regions around the Gulf of Finland should be developed, and how the gulf’s ecological condition could be improved. The document will be presented on September 19th at the international Festival of the Gulf of Finland at the Tavricheskiy Palace.

Ecosupport: Experience Exchange Between Russia and Finland in the Field of Energy Audit in Educational Institutions

In the framework of Ecosupport project “Friends of the Baltic” (coordinators in S. Petersburg) hosted the group of experts on energy efficiency from the Kymenlaakso University of applied Sciences. The group visited two educational institutions and selected pilot institution for a full energy audit in the autumn’14 with the participation of Finnish experts and students, and taking into account the experience of energy saving approaches in both countries.

S.Petersburg Ecosupporters Meet Lahti Green Solutions Experience

9-11 June, “Kosmos” ltd and "Friends of the Baltic” NGO has organized a training seminar for ecosupporters from S.Petersburg (teachers, experts of commercial and state organizations) to Lahti, where the participants got acquainted with environmental solutions introduced in the city. Urban environmental Council presented a comprehensive program for reducing greenhouse gases in 2 times by 2016. Participants of the visit saw the latest development of geothermal pumps, and Pyat Huaman company showed how one bag of waste is converted into electricity, enough to 800 hours of energy saving light bulb work.

River Festival by the Kamenka during the “Gulf of Finland year”

On may 17th, on the shore of the canal that connects the rivers Kamenka and Glukharka in the Yuntolovskiy zakaznik, took place the tenth youth River Festival. Friends of the Baltic and our cooperation partners participate in the festival every year near different rivers of Saint Peterburg within the framework of the program “River Watch”. This year, twenty-two groups of schoolchildren from the city and its surroundings took part in the event.

Youth Creativity For The Gulf Of Finland Year

14 of May, the Festival of school environmental installations devoted to The Gulf of Finland Year was held in “Vodocanal”. School projects on issue of Gulf of Finland problems and their solution were presented by the students of 7-10 grades. The representative of the environmental organization “Friends of the Baltic" took part in the jury and awarded the participants with special prizes for research approach to the practical solutions.

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