XII Youth Conference ”Ecomonitoring of the Small Rivers and Coast of the Gulf of Finland” and Exhibition “Let’s Reduce Phosphate Load to the Baltic Sea”

October 20th, 2012 in the town of Lomonosov, the XIIth annual conference of the Friends of the Baltic River Watch network and the exhibition “Let’s Reduce Phosphate Load to the Baltic Sea” was held. The conference comprised results of youth ecomonitoring of small rivers of the Russian part of the Baltic Sea basin and of the Gulf of Finland coastline. Researches of the young ecologists showed that state-of-art in the river basins, coasts and lakes depends a lot on the culture of people living on their shores and on water use systems and on implementation of nature protection measures.

A Festival of the Sea, Wind and Sports: Oranienbaum Maritime Festival Gathered Yachtsmen, Environmentalists and Other Lomonosov Citizens at the Sea Shore of the Gulf of Finland

Last Saturday, August 25th, the II Oranienbaum Maritime Festival was held in Lomonosov on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. "Friends of the Baltic" in cooperation with Centre for Children's Creativity "Craftsmen’s city" prepared an exhibition about the nature of the Baltic Sea, booth with publications on water resources of the region, and the exhibition of young photographers’ and ecologists’ creative works.

Friends of the Baltic Bicycle Campaign “For Sustainable Baltic Sea Coast”: Green Examples in Sweden, Common Challenges and Solutions for the Baltic Sea

The 14th Friends of the Baltic Moving Environmental Conference – bicycle campaign “For Sustainable Baltic Sea” took place between 12th and 25th of July 2012. Every year since 1999 environmental activists from the countries around the Baltic Sea ride bicycles in various countries along the Baltic Sea coast, enjoy nature, meet friends and colleagues, share experience and look together for the solutions for better marine and coastal environment. In 2012 the conference moved along the route St. Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm – Gotland – St. Petersburg.

Bicycle Campaign 2012 for Sustainable Baltic Sea Coast continues Baltic Sea Environmental Bicycle Circle started in 1999

Friends of the Baltic NGO in cooperation with St.Petersburg Association of environmental journalists, Environmental human right center Bellona (St.Petersburg), and Sosnovy Bor NGO “Our native coast” run the environmental information bicycle campaign “For sustainable Baltic Sea Coast” in the period 13-26 of July, 2012.

Youth Environmental Expedition in Vyborg Archipelago Has Finished June 25th

Youth Environmental Expedition organized by "Friends of the Baltic" NGO and Center for Children’s Creativity “Craftsmen’s City” was held from 21 to 25 of June on the islands of the Vyborg archipelago. Expedition participants were sailing around the Vyborg archipelago on the catamaran "Harlequin" from Strelna Yacht Club under the command of A. Mukhin and have visited Chernovoy, Novik and Gustoy islands.

A 10-kilometers Marathon Was Held in Vyborg for the Baltic Sea

May 27, a traditional half-marathon was held in Vyborg. Volunteers from youth ecological organization “Friends of the Baltic” NGO have participated in the marathon together with professional athletes from St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. Young ecologists devoted their sport achievements to the protection of the unique environment of the Baltic Sea and Vyborg archipelago.

Marine Environmental Expedition of ”Friends of the Baltic” Started on June 20th 2012.

June 20th , 2012 a twin hull sailing boat “Harlequin” set off the bank of Sidorovsky channel in the town of Lomonosov with members of children environmental expedition of “Friends of the Baltic” onboard. In the next four days the expedition will sail from Lomonosov via Kronshtadt to Vyborg, will take samples and study condition and properties of the water in the Gulf of Finland and in Vyborg archipelago, as well as make the nature observations in the coastal areas.

Coalition Clean Baltic Annual Conference 2012 in Belarus

The annual CCB conference 2012 was held in Belarus, in Ratomka village, in the suburb of Minsk. The main focus of the conference was laid on the following subjects: utilization of the agricultural waste, load of phosphorous to water ecosystems, role of peetlands in CO2 balance and Belarusian experience of the restoration of the peetland. Food production and consumption patterns in transboundary context were also discussed together with green consumerism approach.

Restoration of wild salmon or fish farming?

In the book "Salmon Without Rivers: A History Of The Pacific Salmon Crisis” Jim Lichatowich describes in details the salmon crisis in the U.S. and Canada. The author explains why fish farming does not contribute to the conservation of natural populations of wild salmon at all, but rather does opposite.

Phosphorous pollution in the Luga River– source of the pollution has not been found yet

March 13, 2012 a meeting with BALTHAZAR working group was held in St. Petersburg concerning joint sampling programme and monitoring of phosphorous pollution in the Luga River. The joint sampling programme and analysis will involve scientists both from Russia and Finland: experts from Roshydromet and their colleagues from Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Sampling will take place every two weeks in the four sampling points on the Luga River, minor streams and in the town of Kingisepp. The joint sampling program will start on March 20.

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