”Friends of the Baltic” Presented New Educational Materials and Plans for 2012-2013 Academic Year to the Teachers of St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region

October 3rd, 2012,”Friends of the Baltic” traditional workshop for teachers was held. The new educational material on SPARE project, “Ecopatrol” and nature research were presented to the teachers; the new priorities of the SPARE project on energy saving at schools were discussed.

SPARE competition in 2012-2013 will be held under the slogan “Our Contribution to the Energy Efficiency – the Largest “Power Plant” in Russia”. Special attention will be paid to examination of the light intensity in the classrooms and the possibilities for the introduction of the energy efficiency solutions in schools. Categories of SPARE competition will remain the same as last year. More information about the SPARE competition and Day of Energy Efficiency will be available at the workshop on light intensity on November, 16th at 15.00

The issue of energy efficiency and comfortable illumination in schools, as well as rational waste utilization will be also in focus of this year’s youth “Ecopatrol” held by “Friends of the Baltic” in co-operation with “Sennoy okrug” municipality.

Stronger collaboration with municipalities and joint activities, such as outdoor classes for schoolchildren, lectures for local population and other outdoor events, turned to be of high interest for all colleagues taking part in the seminar. One of the largest partners in such collaboration could be local libraries – potential platforms for exhibitions of environmental literature that can attract various groups of population. The libraries have strong interest in this kind of programs.

“Friends of the Baltic” has several years’ experience in collaboration with municipalities “Sennoy okrug”, Lomonosov, Peterhof. Among the examples of such collaboration there are annual children environmental actions, a conference “Environmental Monitoring of Small Rivers and the Gulf of Finland” in Lomonosov, series of lectures “How Can We Help the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland”, held in 2011 by “Friends of the Baltic” in Guschin library in Peterhof, as well as municipal socio-ecological public program run by “Friends of the Baltic” and “Sennoy okrug” municipality based in Ecocentrum environmental exhibition. In the coming study year “Friends of the Baltic” will be glad to receive school groups at our lessons on sustainable development, energy saving, green solutions for the Baltic Sea coast in the renewed Ecocentrum (more information at 241-00-43, +7 (921) 744-42-55)

State and international environmental programs for the coming years were also discussed at the seminar: 2013 – Year of Environment Protection and 2014 – Year of the Gulf of Finland. “Friends of the Baltic” would like to invite all interested organizations to participate in the development of the joint plan of educational activities in co-operation with Finnish and Estonian colleagues for the Year of the Gulf of Finland - 2014.

Among the nearest events of the current study year there is XII Youth Environmental Conference “Environmental Monitoring of Small Rivers and the Gulf of Finland” that will be held within the framework of the international “River Watch” program of the Coalition Clean Baltic. The conference will take place on October 20th, 2012 in the Centre of children’s creativity “Craftsmen’s City”, Lomonosov.

The newly published educational materials were presented on the seminar. A brochure “Youth Environmental Ecopatrol. City. Energy. Environment”, issued with the support of “Sennoy okrug” municipality, tells about methodology and results of the investigation of the city environment carried out by the schoolchildren. A compendium “South Coast of the Gulf of Finland. Youth Exploring the Environment” comprises works of young ecologists, exploring their native shores. The compendium was issues with the support of Lomonosov municipality.

The annual “Friends of the Baltic” seminar was attended not only by our longstanding partners, who participate in many of our projects, but also by the new colleagues, for instance, the representative of ecology-biological centre in Pskov. We are always very happy with the widening of our contact network, especially since many projects and fields of activity are very similar in different regions.

We would like to thank all teachers who participated in ”Friends of the Baltic” seminar and wish a lot of fruitful professional achievements in the 2012-2013 study year to all of you!

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