August, 17 the international bike campaign ”RACE FOR THE BALTIC” has finished in Copenhagen.

The international bike campaign ”RACE FOR THE BALTIC” has finished in Dеnmark this Saturday. Cyclists have ridden more than 3500 km along the Baltic Sea coast in 9 countries. Friends of the Baltic & Green World NGOs has performed Russian part of the campaign along the Gulf of Finland shores June 29 – July 10th.

”Friends of the Baltic” have cycled along the coast of the Gulf of Finland and held informational meetings in Vyborg, Zelenogorsk, Sestroretsk, St.Petersburg, Strelna, Peterhof, Lomonosov. Meeting with the international cycling team and participation in the campaign city events in Tallinn, Estonia, became the finalizing part of our race.

Main goal of the campaign Race for the Baltic is to call main stakeholders, politicians and ministers to make actions during the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting in October 2013 in order to achieve common objectives for mitigation of anthropogenic load on the Baltic Sea.

Gulf of Finland is under threat because of excessive nutrient load – Nitrogen and Phosphorous inflow, of intensively developed coastline, of constant aggradation of coastal areas which leads to the opacity of the water and death of aquatic organisms. Both actions of common citizens and political decisions are needed lessen the load on the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. The coastal areas should be planned and developed with regard to nature protected areas, that are needed for recreation of the local population and for restoration of the habitat conditions of all living creatures in the Baltic Sea.

Consumer’s choice can also influence the decision making process, not only related to nutrients inflow. Choosing the local products, “green” transport (including sea transport) can influence the development of the business and decision making. Legislative decisions on limitation of phosphate content in detergent and fisheries regulations can also contribute to the improvement of the situation.

The central event of the Russian part of the bicycle campaign was a press conference "Baltic Sea is in danger" held at Interfax and international round table where the problem of drains into the Baltic Sea from the small communities and horticultures was discussed. Roundtable participants - representatives of horticultures, municipalities, experts from NGOs - have decided to continue working together with the Environmental Commission of the Legislative Assembly to work out proposals to reduce sewage from country houses and horticultures.

On the Internet and during various activities the petition calling for real actions in order to reducing the load on the Baltic Sea, was signed by more than 25 000 people living on the Baltic coast. The petition will be handed over to HELCOM secretariat on the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting on October 3, 2013.

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