• Friends of the Baltic and Ecocentrum received diplomas of the Government of Saint-Petersburg

    The contest of school projects "Energy and Environment" and an exhibition of five Energy Efficient Building banners were awarded by diplomas by government of the Saint-Petersburg on October 5, on seminar “Energy saving in the budgetary sphere and housing and communal services. The main tasks and solutions” on VI International congress “Energy saving and energy efficiency – dynamic of development”.

  • Kick-off seminar of Cities for Life campaign brings people together to discuss ideas for climate-friendly cities

    The kick-off seminar of Cities for Life campaign was held on September 30 in St.Petersburg, Russia. It was organized by Friends of the Baltic NGO and and helped bring together ecoactivists, experts and public officials in order to discuss possible ways of collaboration to promote the city’s climate strategy and climate-friendly solutions for urban areas. Many solutions already exist and they have to do with energy efficiency, ecofriendly ways of transportation, changes in consumption patterns and sustainable use of resources, among others.

  • Friends of the Baltic presented plans and activities for the 2016-2017 school year

    At the round table, which was held in St. Petersburg on September 14th, Friends of the Baltic team announced programs and projects for the upcoming academic year.

  • Friends of the Baltic joined the World Car Free Day

    22 of September in St.Petersburg at the Ecocentrum demonstration complex Friends of the Baltic have organized the Open Day dedicated to the World Car Free Day. Friends of the Baltic staff arrived to the office by bicycles, scooters, public transport, and opened doors for all those, who are interested to learn more about the impact of transport on the climate and the environment in general, as well as on the available nature and climate friendly transport solutions.

  • Friends of the Baltic presented Energy Efficiency exhibition at PoliFest

    11 of September Friends of the Baltic organized an exhibition and information stand about energy efficiency of building within the PoliFest - St. Petersburg environmentally friendly Festival of science, technology and design.

  • Public River Watch Network is Expanding Westwards of Leningrad Region

    Friends of the Baltic held the Round table «Cooperation perspectives for environmental education to save water bodies» September 19th, 2016 in Kingisepp town.

  • Friends of the Baltic presented the Energy Efficiently Building exhibition at an international seminar in Minsk

    On September 13-14, an international seminar on climate change and energy efficiency was organized at the Centre of Ecological Solutions in Minsk, Belarus. It included a project meeting with INFORSE-Europe, Friends of the Baltic and other partners from Russia, Belarus and Latvia of the Strengthening NGOs In Promotion Of Sustainable Energy For Local Development And Climate Protection project.

  • Mass fish mortality in Luga river – why did it happen?

    In the end of July 2016 mass fish mortality was observed in Luga river (Luga district, Leningrad region): a lot of dead fish was found near Zaozerye village. Local residents, in cooperation with Clean Luga environmental movement activists and Friends of the Baltic NGO sent official request to the local municipality, as well as to Rosprirodnadzor (Federal service for supervising natural resources), the fish protection authorities and other authorized bodies.

  • Round table in Ecocentrum for teachers from Luga, Kingisepp and Lomonosov districts of Leningrad region

    19th August 2016 Friends of the Baltic public organization held the Round Table on the environmental education and practical schoolchildren activities for nature conservation and saving water ecosystems in the Luga river basin.

  • Friends of the Baltic presented small-scale eco-solutions for rural households

    Friends of the Baltic NGO 4th of August in the gardening community has demonstrated the simple eco-solutions for individual rural households, which help to protect water bodies from domestic and agricultural pollution. The audience was the group of activists of the Union of gardening and dacha’ non-profit associations of the Lomonosov district of Leningrad oblast.

  • Toxic waste landfill Krasnyi Bor visited by HELCOM experts at 10 June 2016

    Experts from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden were joined by representatives of national environmental administrations, international financial institutions, NGOs as well as regional and federal environmental authorities of Russia. HELCOM and Coalition Clean Baltic representatives were among the international NGO's involved into discussion about toxic waste landfill.

  • Energy-efficient solutions for buildings are beneficial to all!

    On June 21, Friends of the Baltic organized the first presentation of the new mobile exhibition of energy efficient solutions for buildings , which took place at Ecocentrum demonstration complex in St.Petersburg. On June 27, in Jurmala, the exhibition was presented to an international group of partners. The exhibition was created with participation of public organizations’ experts from Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and Norway. It demonstrates simple solutions that help to make buildings more comfortable, economical and "climate-friendly".

  • Climate Ambassadors Held Climate Action Days in the Russian Regions

    On Earth Day, April 22, Climate ambassadors began a nationwide Climate Action Days, which lasted until May the 1st in all regions of the country. The campaign was prepared by Russian Socio-ecological Union (RSEU) and the environmental organization "Friends of the Baltic". It was held in the framework of international SPARE project (School project for the rational use of resources and energy) and the "Climate Ambassadors". During Climate Action Days thousands of students and local people in the different regions of Russia became participants of lectures, lessons, games, contests and other events, the main idea of which was to attract society to solve the problem of climate change.

  • Education for sustainable solutions in the Gulf of Finland region

    A trilateral Russian-Finnish-Estonian seminar “The Baltic Sea environment: Best environmental education practices and application of new scientific knowledge in schools for education for sustainable development” was held in St.Petersburg on June 9. One of the main goals of the seminar was to strengthen the cooperation network of educators, scientists and NGOs of the three countries, as part of developing the St.Petersburg hub for sustainable water and coastal development.

  • Open Lessons on Energysaving at Russian International Energy Forum in 2016

    On 17-19th of May Environmental organization "Friends of the Baltic" and Energy efficiency Center of St. Petersburg held a series of media presentations and interactive lessons on energy efficiency for students and teachers, using SPARE materials at the Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF). Students learned what energy audit is, why we should insulate our apartments and save planet's resources, how to use energy efficiently, without reducing the comfort of life.

  • River Watch training on the seashore

    One day before the World Environment Day, Friends of the Baltic held a training for young environmentalists and educators on the Gulf of Finland coast. The event was dedicated to ways of conducting research/public monitoring of water objects, as well as to green solutions to reduce the human impact on the water environment. The training was held as part of the international project “Local Research and Education Hubs- key for sustainability education” (No.CBSSPSF/SC 042015/4), implemented with the support of the CBSS Project Support Facility.

  • Fair Share – is it possible to consider everybody’s interests on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland?

    The southern coast of the Gulf of Finland is an area where a multitude of interests collide – those of local population, country house owners, construction companies, yacht clubs, etc. Besides, one must not forget about the interests of the environment and the wellbeing of species that inhabit the territory. There is an acute need for a sound spatial planning that would consider all those interests. But is it possible? And if so, how could it be possible to give everyone their fair share while keeping the coast’s unique nature intact and not compromising the area’s economic development?


    This Earth Day, April 22, 2016, marks the beginning of the Week of Action to protect the Climate, a Climate Ambassadors campaign, created by the Russian Social Ecological Union’s Climate Secretariat, the SPARE program, and Friends of the Baltic NGO. From April 22 to May 1, in 15 regions of Russia there will be classes, open lectures and interactive lessons held for people of all ages, as well as local actions to support simple solutions to tackling climate change.

  • The "Climate Ambassadors" Training in St. Petersburg Started all-Russia Climate Action Days

    On 8th of April “Friends of the Baltic” held “Climate ambassadors” training which was dedicated to the start of all-Russia program – Climate action days. Teachers and volunteers interested in the climate issues received updated information about the impact of climate change on our city and residents. And most importantly received the solutions that could lower our impact on climate and environment. From April 22nd they will hold lessons and lectures in schools and universities according to the materials of the project and in the frameworks of Climate action Days.

  • Workshop for teachers in St.Petersburg: «Eco-management in schools and simple solutions for energy efficiency and saving resources”

    Workshop was organized by Friends of the Baltic NGO within SPARE project and 10th all-Russian seminar “Environmental education for sustainable development – contribution to the future” held by St.Petersburg Academy for post-graduate pedagogical education with cooperation of Committee for Education, Committee for nature use and environmental protection, Committee of State Duma on environment, Commission foe environment of St.Petersburg legistlative assembly, and many other educational, business, NGO and other organizations.

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