• ”Friends of the Baltic” Presented New Educational Materials and Plans for 2012-2013 Academic Year to the Teachers of St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region

    October 3rd, 2012,”Friends of the Baltic” traditional workshop for teachers was held. The new educational material on SPARE project, “Ecopatrol” and nature research were presented to the teachers; the new priorities of the SPARE project on energy saving at schools were discussed.

  • A Festival of the Sea, Wind and Sports: Oranienbaum Maritime Festival Gathered Yachtsmen, Environmentalists and Other Lomonosov Citizens at the Sea Shore of the Gulf of Finland

    Last Saturday, August 25th, the II Oranienbaum Maritime Festival was held in Lomonosov on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. "Friends of the Baltic" in cooperation with Centre for Children's Creativity "Craftsmen’s city" prepared an exhibition about the nature of the Baltic Sea, booth with publications on water resources of the region, and the exhibition of young photographers’ and ecologists’ creative works.

  • Friends of the Baltic Bicycle Campaign “For Sustainable Baltic Sea Coast”: Green Examples in Sweden, Common Challenges and Solutions for the Baltic Sea

    The 14th Friends of the Baltic Moving Environmental Conference – bicycle campaign “For Sustainable Baltic Sea” took place between 12th and 25th of July 2012. Every year since 1999 environmental activists from the countries around the Baltic Sea ride bicycles in various countries along the Baltic Sea coast, enjoy nature, meet friends and colleagues, share experience and look together for the solutions for better marine and coastal environment. In 2012 the conference moved along the route St. Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm – Gotland – St. Petersburg.

  • Bicycle Campaign 2012 for Sustainable Baltic Sea Coast continues Baltic Sea Environmental Bicycle Circle started in 1999

    Friends of the Baltic NGO in cooperation with St.Petersburg Association of environmental journalists, Environmental human right center Bellona (St.Petersburg), and Sosnovy Bor NGO “Our native coast” run the environmental information bicycle campaign “For sustainable Baltic Sea Coast” in the period 13-26 of July, 2012.

  • A 10-kilometers Marathon Was Held in Vyborg for the Baltic Sea

    May 27, a traditional half-marathon was held in Vyborg. Volunteers from youth ecological organization “Friends of the Baltic” NGO have participated in the marathon together with professional athletes from St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. Young ecologists devoted their sport achievements to the protection of the unique environment of the Baltic Sea and Vyborg archipelago.

  • River Festival on the banks of Izhora: stop phosphate pollution of the Baltic and our rivers!

    May 19th: on the banks of river Izhora in Kolpino town the 8th interregional River festival was held by Friends of the Baltic together with various partners. At the festival the information action by Coalition Clean Baltic took place. It's main goal is to stop the eutrophication of our rivers, lakes and the Baltic Sea and to reduce phosphate pollution from detergents.

  • School kids on their way to solve the city's environmental problems

    April, 23: youth conference Climate. Nature. Energy took place at Russian Geographical Society. It almost coincided with the Earth Day and Friends of the Baltic 15th anniversary.

  • 100th Anniversary of the Commission for Nature Protection of the Russian Geographical Society

    March 22, 2012 a scientific conference was held in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Commission for Nature Protection of the Russian Geographical Society.

  • The National Implementation Programme for the Baltic Sea Action Plan has not been started yet in Russia and will be completed neither in 2013 nor in 2014!

    SewageIn the end of 2011 “Friends of the Baltic” appealed to the Ministry of Natural Resources asking about the status and progress of the "National Implementation Programme on improvement and rehabilitation of the Baltic Sea ecosystem" (NIP). Draft of the NIP was submitted in May 2010. In response, the Ministry of Natural Resources said that the NIP has not passed all approvals yet and it is not included in the plans for 2012-2014.

  • New publication by Friends of the Baltic: youth’s view on the state and future of the Gulf of Finland

    February, 4: a compilation by young researchers entitled “The Gulf of Finland’s Southern Coast. Youth researches their habitat” was presented in Lomonosov.

    The compilation came out as the result of a long-term cooperation between Friends of the Baltic and Lomonosov Municipality within the project called “The town of Lomonosov, the Gulf of Finland’s Southern Coast: our Habitat”.

  • Friends of the Baltic at the eco game festival

    On December 15 Friends of the Baltic were invited to take part in an event dedicated to celebrating the results of the year-long competition of school environmental projects which was held by Sennoy Okrug municipality. We took part in organizing an educational eco game where we modelled an oil spill with the kids. Everyone understood the need to diminish our reliance on fossil fuels and to save precious energy.

  • Environmental Information Marathon in Peterhof

    November, 18-20 a lection course and interactive classes for pupils were organized by Friends of the Baltic at Peterhof. The topic was "How can we help the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland".

  • NGO Involvement in National Climate and Energy Policy International Conference

    October 27-28: Friends of the Baltic and the Climate Secretariat of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union organized and held the 4th All-Russian Conference on NGO Involvement in National Climate and Energy Policy. Environmental activists from all the regions of Russia, from the Far East to Murmansk, gathered in Strelna, near St.Petersburg, to discuss public expectations and measures that are necessary to implement energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions in Russia.

  • New meeting of Baltic Sea Ambassadors

    On October, 8 Friends of the Baltic held a new meeting/training for volunteers as part of the Baltic Sea Ambassadors project. Already experienced volunteers met those who just want to try volunteering and going to schools in order to teach a Baltic Sea class, talk about the Baltic Sea environment and inspire everyone to contribute with their even small actions to the well-being of the Baltic environment. New volunteers and schools are always welcome to join the project!

  • The outcomes of the international Baltic Sea Ambassadors summer camp

    The Baltic Sea Ambassadors, Friends of the Baltic volunteers, gathered to talk about the results of the international summer camp that took place in Estonia. The ideas and materials developped at the camp will help the Ambassadors to give better Baltic Sea lessons at schools and are already changing the participants' environmental habits. In our short-range plans is a new training for future Ambassadors.

  • Lomonosov town - a pearl at the sea coast or a port/industrial zone?

    Coastal residents who care about the town and the Gulf of Finland became guests of Friends of the Baltic information action within the Oranienbaum Marine Festival, dedicated to the 300-th anniversary of Lomonosov.

  • Friends of the Baltic open educational programs for 2011-2012 school year

    At the Round table on the 6th of September Friends of the Baltic announced the calendar of educational events for the coming school year on climate, energy and environment, Baltic Sea and rivers and Ecocentrum educational programs to teachers.

  • SPARE presentation to St. Petersburg schoolchildren

    On the 3rd of September in the famous Tavricheskij garden of St.Petersburg Friends of the Baltic NGO announced SPARE actions for the new school year to schoolchildren, coming to St.Petersburg Day of Environmental Knowledge. Pupils got to know about competition ”Energy and Environment”, Energy Saving Day, excursions and lessons on climate and energy, provided by Friends of the Baltic.

  • Environmental bicycle campaign along the Baltic Sea coast in Germany and Poland – Days 5-6-7

    Last day - Medzyzdroje coast.JPGThis day was dedicated to a natural pearl and conservation achievements at the Green Belt: Peenemünde Hook on the western end of the island of Usedom. But before getting there, we needed to train our patience, because the morning was very much dominated by persistent rain. So we decided to get to Peenemündeby ferry. A sea eagle followed us with his deep clear view while we were approaching the town. Despite of the continuous rain, some tourists awaited the ferry’s arrival next to us.
    Read more on the

  • Environmental bicycle campaign on the Baltic Sea shore of Germany and Poland. Day four

    Fifteen geese, a gas pipeline and a nuclear power station on the same coast On the 10th of August we reached Lubmin and saw the place where the Nord-Stream gas pipeline comes ashore onto the German territory, and then we also participated in the action against the prolongation of nuclear waste storage.
    More about our bike tour at the Baltic Green Belt tour

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