• Youth bike action "For clean nature and nuclear-free future" 2000

    This was the slogan of the Youth Bike Action organised by Children of the Baltic with support of Global Greengrants fund (USA) and the Moving Environmental Conference "Baltic-2000" organised by Green World with support of the Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain with The participants of these actions - environmental activists, teachers of environment and students from St.Petersburg, Sosnovy Bor and Lomonosov - started from Sosnovy Bor on 9 July and covered in 10 days the distance over 540 kilometres to the Estonian capital Tallinn.

  • Moving ecological conference of the Gulf of Finland shores inhabitants 1999

    Campaign passed from June 30 till July 10, 1999 from Sosnovy Bor town on the coast of the Koporskaya bay of a GULF of FINLAND up to capital of Finland of Helsinki.

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