• International Environmental Camp on Karelian Isthmus — Local Solutions for Baltic Region Nature Conservation

    10.JPGAugust 20-26: Friends of the Baltic together with Luonto-Liitto and St.Petersburg IFMO university held a camp-workshop that brought together young environmental activists from Finland, Estonia and Russia. The young people discussed local solutions that help save the nature of the Baltic region. They prepared specific proposals for the camp and its surroundings that dealt with its waste managment, energy saving, environmental education of visitors and camp staff.

  • Environmental education and sustainable development: our Nordic neighbours' experience

    During the study trip to the Nordic countries on July 31-August 9 representatives of North-western Russia's public organizations and municipalities got to learn about the experience in promoting and implementing sustainable solutions that deal with climate, energy, water resources and green consumption. They visited Sweden, Finland and Aaland isles as part of the study visit organized by Friends of the Baltic and their Nordic partners, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

  • 2 years of Russian presidency at Helcom are over - time for Russia to switch from paperwork to action to implement the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan.

    The problems of eutrophication, biodiversity and integrated coastal development are among the main problems of the Baltic Sea also mentioned at the HELCOM conference "Sustainable Baltic Cities" on 18 May and HELCOM Ministerial Meeting on 20 May in Moscow.
    Even though during the two years of Russia's presidency in HELCOM some positive changes in wastewater treatment in St.petersburg have occurred, the problem of increased sea pollution by nutrients coming from untreated wastewaters of small towns and villages and farmlands remains unsolved and there are still no plans of action to restore the biodiversity in the Russian part of the Baltic.

  • River Festival 2010 by River Ivanovka in St.Petersburg

    1_RF_Ivsnovka.jpgOn May 14 18 school teams from St.Petersburg and leningrad region gathered at Ivanovka bank. Those were over 120 school kids who, under their teachers' supervision,study and protect rivers, streams, lakes and shores of the Baltic Sea. Friends of the Baltic hold this River Festival annually at a different river each year as part of the River Watch programme by the International Coalition Cleam Baltic.

  • Green energy against climate change

    April, 8: Friends of the Baltic together with the Russian Socio-Ecological Union organized a media tour with the topic of Climate and Green Energy. During the trip to various spots both in St.Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast journalists were shown sucessful examples of energy saving and alternative energy use initiatives.

  • Round Table of River Watch Network

    March 2: Friends of the Baltic NGO held a «River Watch» round table in St.Petersburg. Friends of the Baltic presented materials on the protection of the Baltic Sea from phosphates, participants talked about their river research, discussed the planning for the summer youth camp within the Baltic Sea Ambassador program, the interaction with the Basin Board, which starts working on the basis of Neva-Ladoga basin Department.

  • SPARE competition in St.Petersburg: school kids propose solutions to save energy and the climate

    The regional stage on the SPARE competition has been concluded in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. It took place within the SPARE project framework, coordinated by Friends of the Baltic. Among the winners are projects showing simple ways of energy saving in schools and households, that helps decrease greenhouse gases emissions.

  • Meeting in Helsinki as part of North-Western collaboration project

    February 25-27: Friends of the Baltic held a kick-off meeting in Helsinki of the new project called the Baltic-Nordic Network for Capacity Building of North-West Russian NGOs in public education for sustainable solutions. The participants got to know about a number of environmentally friendly solutions being used in Finland, of new methods and forms of public education about such solutions, as well as discussed the further development of the project activities.

  • Festival of Youth's Environmental Projects and Initiatives for Sustainable Development in St.Petersburg

    Around 500 creative projects by young people were presented at the Festival of Youth's Environmental Projects and Initiatives organized by Friends of the Baltic under the auspices of the Comittee for Youth Policy and Interaction with NGOs. The Festival was held on October 29 at "At Voznesensky bridge" Palace for children's creativity.

  • Young Environmentalists Propose Solutions for Protection of Small Rivers and the Gulf of Finland

    October 17: Friends of the Baltic held The 9th Inter-regional Youth Conference “Environmental Monitoring of Small Rivers and the Gulf of Finland Coast” within the Priority Area of Coalition Clean Baltic “River Watch” which took place in the town of Lomonosov. Among the “hottest” problems young activists noted consequences of organic pollution of rivers and the Gulf with non-treated household wastewater from coastal settlements — both in St.Petersburg suburbs and Leningrad oblast. Conference participants approved Conference Decisions on necessary solutions, addressed to regional governments.

  • Russian-Finnish “Baltic Sea Embassadors” Youth Project launched in St.Petersburg

    October, 10th 2009: Friends of the Baltic together with Luonto-Liitto, our Finnish partner NGO, held the first pilot training for volunteers as part of the Baltic Sea Embassadors international project. These volunteers are supposed to give interactive Baltic Sea lessons in schools and centers for additional education.

  • Russian citizens give recommendations to politicians in the run-up to international climate negotiations

    On 26 September, the Climate Secretariat of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union and Friends of the Baltic NGO held the Day of Public Consultations on Climate Change in St.Petersburg, Russia. During the day, a hundred of people of different ages, occupations, social status and education level expressed their opinions on the issues of the climate change, the international climate negotiations, and voiced out their recommendations on these issues to politicians.

  • Round table on energy saving in housing sector

    December,18: Friends of the Baltic organized and held a moving round table discussion and excursions, devoted to positive experiences and possibilities of saving energy in housing sector.

  • Energy saving in housing communities is realistic and profitable

    November 13: Friends of the Baltic presented a set of useful material with advise on how to save energy in housing sector and on public participation in energy resources economizing to heads of housing communities of St.Petersburg.

  • Friends of the Baltic at the INFORSE-Europe seminar on NGO energy policy

    Friends of the Baltic presented SPARE and took part in the discussion on energy education so as NGO vision and involvement to the climate/energy policy October 13-15, 2008, at the INFORSE-Europe seminar in Montreuil, France.

  • Young Gulf of Finland coast’s inhabitants tell about the state of their environment

    October, the 11th: a traditional environmental youth conference was held in Lomonosov, it was organized by Friends of the Baltic NGO and the Center for children’s technical creativity.

  • Environmental Cycle through the Nature Values and "Hot Spots" on the South Shore of the Gulf of Finland and Izora Plateau.

    Youth bike action 2001

    Traditional youth bike action was organized by Children of the Baltic jointly with Green World. Participants - shcoolchildren from 10 years old, teachers and eco-activists from St.Petersburg, Lomonosov and Kipen covered more than 130 km from the Gulf of Finland coast along the Strelka river, through Kipen, Lopuhinka, Gostilitsy, basins of Kovash river and Karasta river, Map of Environmental CycleLomonosow and finished on the Gulf soast at the place before the Menshikovsky palace, where bitumen terminal is planed.

  • International CCB River Watch Camp - 2008

    July 30 - August 5, 2008 International CCB River Watch camp was organized in Belarus at the Vileiskoye lake, belonging to Western Dvina basin, by ARB-BirdLife-Belarus non-governmental environmental organization in cooperation with Friends of the Baltic NGO (Russia).
    This camp became a part of priority activity of international Coalition Clean Baltic, devoted to the promotion of the sustainable river basin management.

  • Presentation of local sustainable energy solutions made by Friends of the Baltic at UNFCCC meeting

    June 11, 2008 in Bonn the small scale sustainable energy solutions developed within SPARE were presented by Olga Senova, Friends of the Baltic at the WECF side event within UNFCCC (SB-28) international meeting .

  • Baltic Sea Campaign 2008 on the Gulf of Finland shore starts from River Festival

    On the 17th of May 2008 the traditional IV River Festival was held by Friends of the Baltic on at the bank of the Kikenka river, belonging to the Gulf of Finland basin! Festival participants were members of Friends of the Baltic/CCB River Watch network

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