River festival 2007 in pavlovsk - youth tells about the local small rivers

On May, 12 2007 young researchers and river protectors gathered in Pavlovsk at the river Popovka for the River Festival. This annual event is the part of the Friends of the Baltic long-term programme for public watch and protection of the rivers of the Gulf of Finland basin. For the third year the River Festival is held in Spring on various rivers. In 2005 it was held in Strel'na nearby the Strelka river, in 2006 - in Pesochnoye township by the river Chyornaya. The aim of the River Festival is to appeal the attention of local people, municipals and youth to the value and beauty of our small rivers and to the necessity to keep and protect them from garbage, sewages polluting the water, shoreline erosion and other mindless human activities.

River Festival in Pavlovsk has been organized by the Children Center "Pavlovsky" and Friends of the Baltic NGO under support of Pavlovsk Municipal Council and international Coalition Clean Baltic. 23 commands from schools and children and youth centers of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region came to Popovka river this year. In total it's been over 150 people there.

Festival participants examined the unique geological object in the Popovka's canyon, saw sandstone, sands, limestone. On conglomerates they found prints of ancient plants and animals. Specialists say that to save that unique natural object it has to be stated as the specially protected natural monument.

Festival participants been greeted by Zoya Gezha, the head of Pavlovsk Administration. She was glad about so many people taking care of rivers.

The commands shared their information on the rivers they examine and protect. It's been a remarkable material on river Kikenka presented. It starts on Izhora plateau and flows to the Gulf of Finland at the territory of Konstantinovsky Palace. This river is being watched by children from Annino school. Lyceum 273 presented an interesting report on their researches of Izhora river. Schoolchildren from the Youth Palace and school 91 showed the results of river Chuhonka waters examination. School 252 shared their researches and valuation of ecological condition of Ivanovka river.

The Festival included not only theoretical presentations but practical works, too. Participants examined the water quality of Popovka and Slavianka river and other local river waters. Participants has brought to the Festival samples of water were in bottles. People got acquainted with plants and animals from Slavianka river valley, with the town history and draw the river portrait. The territory used for researches and games has been cleaned from garbage by Festival participants.

At the end of the Festival schoolchildren were singing, reading poems about rivers and gave their presents to the town of Pavlovsk for it's Jubilee.

Diplomas and presents from Pavlovsk town Council and Coalition Clean Baltic been given to all the participants. --------------------------------
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