Environmental education for sustainable development - education for real life

Participants of the international seminar "Environmental Education for Sustainable Development. Interactive Methods and Educational Programs" discussed educational methods, which help people to make their everyday life more environmentally friendly. This seminar was held by Friends of the Baltic NGO January 21-22 in Znamenka (Peterhof) with the support of Nordic Council of Minister within the program "Nordplus Neighbour".

More that thirty specialists, educators and NGO activists from Russia, Finland and Sweden took part in the seminar. Most of participants have stated, that in spite of environmental education is more or less well developed in our countries, level of environmental culture of general public is very low. Special methods are needed to motivate people to act every day environmentally friendly, to feel responsibility on nature.


Participants of the seminar exchanged experience and methods, showed each other practical educational methods and tools.

Maria Zhevlakova, St.Petersbrug NGO "For Promotion of Environmental Education", made presentation about key ideas of Education for Sustainable Development. Julia Danilova, St.Petersburg Academy for Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, has led the "master-class" of interactive methods for environmental education, which help to involve students to active thinking and activity. Olga Senova, Friends of the Baltic chairperson, shared experience and results of international educational program SPARE, which motivate students for practical activity in the field of energy saving at home and at school. Vera Ovcharenko, project coordinator, had a talk about educational program within the Ship-Campaign "Live Baltic 2005" as a new form for environmental education.

Swedish experience in the field of environmental education is very well known in St.Petersburg and North-West Russia thanks to the programs "EcoLogic" and "Mulle". Staffan Svanberg, methodologist of Swedish Institute and co-author of "EcoLogic" had managed at the seminar interactive training "Transport and Environmental Problems", which can be applied fro education both schoolchildren and adults.


Our neighbors form Finland have a lot to show in the field of "practical ecology". Hannele Puolakka, teacher from Joutseno, spoke about invasion of gigantic cow-parsnip "Sosnovskogo" and methods for its prevention, applied in Finland.

Sari Manninen, teacher from Kirkkonummi, showed two practical experiments:"In the first experiment participants try to define, what water do they drink - from the tap (St.Petersburg or Helsinki) from the spring or from the shop. Unfortunately, St.Petersburg tap water had not the best taste. Participants of the second experiment tried to remove oil spills from then water by different tools. It was very difficult, and nobody could clean water perfectly, as it happens usually in real life.

Annika Luther, teacher of biology from Toolo gymnasium and Eeva-Karina Lillsunde from Lencan school, (Helsinki) consider, that theatre is very convenient method for environmental education. Finnish team showed the performance "Human influence to the population of white tail eagle".


All participants were agree, that interactive methods have special importance, because they give pupils not only knowledge, but develop communicative culture, give motivation for practical activity and creativity.

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