International seminar "Kyoto Protocol - Reality and Practical prospects"


President of Russian federation
Chairman of State Duma
Prime-Minister of Russian Federation
Reprepsentative of President in the North-West Russia ,
Governor of St.Petersburg
Governor of Leningrad oblast
Chairman of St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly
Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad oblast

of participants of international seminar
"Kyoto Protocol - Reality and Practical prospects"

Seminar participants: Experts of WWF(Moscow), Ministry of Economy and Development or RF, Departmebnt of Nature Resources of North-West Russia, Institute of Ecology of Forest of Russian Academy of Science, Main Geophysical Observatory, Institute of Atmosphere, Energy Efficiency center (Moscow), NGOs "Friends of the Baltic", "Center for Environmental Initiatives", Kola Environmental Information Center "Gaia", representatives of high and secondary educational system state:

Supporting political idea of Kyoto Protocol and taking in consideration, that its ratification is the only first step for reducing xxx gas emission, we underline necessity of next practical steps:

1. Creating national and regional legislation, connected to KP, and mechanism for its implementation and public control.
2. State Duma, when create that legislation, should take in consideration not only economical, but social and environmental aspects. Legislation should secure using economical effect of Kyoto Protocol for solving environmental problems, connected to green gas emission, for the ensuring interests of ordinary people.
3. Legislation and regional measures for reducing green gas emission should be addressed to the energy sector and household sector, but also to the transport sector, specially in the big cities, where emission from transport is a lard part of the total amount.
4. National and regional governments and local authorities must make special decisions for motivation of state enterprises (schools, kinder gardens) for energy saving.
5. Law and standards must include Public Participation in the planning and implementation measures, connected to Kyoto Protocol. To provide public support for implementation of Kyoto Protocol in Russia, the resource of non-governmental non-profit organization should be used. More over non-profit Information Centers in St.Petersburg, Leningrad oblast and Murmansk oblast already work in this field.
6. To promote ideas of Kyoto Protocol and practical measures for energy efficiency, the Whole Russian Network of Informational and Educational Centers should be established.
7. Seminar participants consider, that measure for reducing green gas emission, planed by Kyoto Protocol, should be intensified. For the sustainable development it is not enough 5 % reducing. It is necessary to prepare new more strong international agreements for the period, starting in 2013.

Russia should be more active initiator of international decisions in this field. For this purpose it is necessary to organize investigation and analyze of today situation and forecast with participation of experts from various sectors, and then complete the set of proposals for national and international measures for reducing green gas emission.



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