The Day for alternative energy

Was held on 26 April, 2004, in the Big Hall of the Russian Geographical Society. This Day was organised by the Commission on Nature Protection of the Russian Geographical Society and NGOs Friends of the Baltic and the CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES with the support of Canada Civil Society Fund and Swedish NGO Secretariat for Acid Rains. Schoolchildren, teachers, and representatives of NGOs, municipal authorities and business attended this event.

Participants of the Day of Alternative Energy could view exhibitions of children creativity works on the theme "Energy and the Environment", of artistic photos "Nature close to us", and of posters "Nuclear-free 21st Century is Possible".

During the whole day, the exhibition of Environmental publications on energy and the environment displayed the funds of the library of the public Centre for Environmental Information on this theme. A part of this exhibition was a stand of methodical materials and results of the international School Programme for Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE). The visitors of the day for Alternative Energy received for free many environmental publications produced by the event organisers and their partners, especially by Coalition Clean Baltic.

The participants of the Day for Alternative Energy showed great interest in the demonstration set of energy-saving equipment for a home and in videofilms on energy and energy saving that were shown during the whole day.

A part of the programme was announcement of results of the youth competition on the theme of wind energy, which was held with support of the Electrosphera Company. The competition winners and participants received prises and presents. Teachers leading children groups also received presents.

The day of Alternative Energy was concluded by the round table "What we know about renewable energy?". Its participants discussed problems and prospects of education and enlightenment for children and adults on renewables in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region, and co-operation in production of popular publication on this theme.

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