Baltic Sea Campaign 2008 on the Gulf of Finland shore starts from River Festival

On the 17th of May 2008 the traditional IV River Festival was held by Friends of the Baltic on at the bank of the Kikenka river, belonging to the Gulf of Finland basin! Festival participants were members of Friends of the Baltic/CCB River Watch network

The Festival was organized within the regional Days of Ecological Safety and International Baltic Sea Campaign “Protect Baltic Sea from Phosphates”. Youth RW groups in Annino, St.Petersburg, Petrodvorets, Lomonosov, Koporye, Bolshaya Izhora, Lebyazhje, Kurortnyi district, Primorsk, and Festival guests from Vologda, traditionally investigate rivers and river basins, sources of pollutions, inform residents how to protect river from biogenic elements - phosphates and nitrates with environmentally friendly behavior and simple technical solutions. This year RW events in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region are focused on phosphates issue.

The River Festival is traditionally organized by Friends of the Baltic at various small rivers in cooperation with local River Watch group, local school and local municipality. They were organized on the Strelka river (2005), Chernaya river (2006), Slavyanka river (2007). This year the Festival was hosted by Annino school/Annino RW group, and supported by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Lomonosov district municipality.

Chairperson of Ecological Department of Lomonosov municipality, lead specialist of Educational Department and RW coordinator greeted participants. At the opening every team made presentation on behalf of their river. Annino school showed presentation”Fish from the Kikenka River”.

Festival was continued at the river with various game stations: Alphabet of Water, Water Kingdom and its Inhabitants, Tourist station, Hydrology, etc.
Every team brought the water sample from its river and all participants made comparative chemical investigations of that samples and water of Kikenka river. At the end every team had planted the tree at the Friendship Alee of Annino school.

Every participant has got a diploma and gift with Coalition Clean Baltic symbols. Organizers have got the T-shirts of International Baltic Sea Campaign.

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