Russian-Finnish “Baltic Sea Embassadors” Youth Project launched in St.Petersburg

October, 10th 2009: Friends of the Baltic together with Luonto-Liitto, our Finnish partner NGO, held the first pilot training for volunteers as part of the Baltic Sea Embassadors international project. These volunteers are supposed to give interactive Baltic Sea lessons in schools and centers for additional education.
Over 30 young people interested in promoting environmental knowledge attended the training. During the day they were taught about the effective ways to hold a Baltic Sea lesson by experiences trainers from both Luonto-Liitto and Friends of the Baltic. Luonto-Liitto representatives, having a broad experience as Baltic Sea embassadors, shared their motivation with the students, told them about the benefit of having such an experience from the point of view of both general environmental culture promotion and volunteers themselves, for their professional and personal growth. As the result, all of about 30 participants registered themselves as volunteers to hold Baltic Sea lessons at schools.
The training was preceded by a round table for teachers and other school representatives interested in having Baltic Sea lessons on their territory. Already 15 schools and children educational centers have applied for receiving our volunteers and it is hoped that this number will increase shortly. Members of River Watch network, who have conducted observation of rivers and the coast of the Gulf of Finland by school kids, have been the most active teachers in this respect so far.
In 2008 Luonto-Liitto together with Friends of the Baltic developed a set of educational materials for a lesson on the topic of the Baltic Sea, consisting of a set of slides and a handbook for the teacher/presenter. Each of the slides addresses a certain aspect of the Baltic Sea environment protection. Interactive exercises, discussions an a role play game constitute an important part of the lesson.
Friends of the Baltic offer schools and other educational institutions the opportunity to have Baltic Sea lessons held by our volunteers as part of the Baltic Sea Embassadors project. The lessons will be held until the end of the year 2009. For more information please contact us:
Tel.: (812)315-66-22

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