International project “Step to Eco Support” has been started in Saint Petersburg, eco advisors will appear in schools

On 22 of May Kick off seminar was held in Petersburg in frame of russian-finish project called “Step to EcoSupport”. “Friends of the Baltic” organization during this project will create a network of school eco advisors, conduct trainings and counseling, prepare methodical recommendations for eco-friendly solutions in schools: energy and resource efficiency, about ecological priorities when buying equipment and materials for schools, waste management, transport solutions and other examples of “green” choice.
This project first appeared in Finland, Helsinki, in 2006 year. From the start when it received wide support of residents and local authorities, project began to expand it's boards. Now “Ecosupport” exists independently in eight Finish and three Estonian towns and in 2013 project took place in our town. For it's global goals project fits in to concept of town sustainable development. Main goal of the project: rise of public awareness about the environment among the younger generation and adults. Under the expected positive project effect practical actions will be considered aimed at reducing the burden on the environment and rational nature usage (reduction of waste amount, garbage recycling and and energy efficiency).
What this means in practice:
Project proposes for building a common sense of environmental responsibility to train consultants from among the employees – eco advisors, at schools, commercial campaigns, public institutions.
In St. Petersburg the project is implemented with participation of the Committee of nature management, environmental protection and ecological safety, inter-regional youth public ecological organization “Friends of the Baltic” in cooperation with educational structures and public organizations of Russia and Finland.
Eco advisors will be able to provide advice to all other employees, help to choose the most environmentally friendly solutions in the daily management of the organization, in people's behavior.
Friends of the Baltic NGO carries out the creation of the network and methodological support to the school eco advisors. In schools, institutions of supplementary education, in kindergartens eco advisers, who past special training and received the certificate will provide advice to the technical staff, teachers, pupils and their parents on energy conservation, rational management of resources and other ecological issues.
Thus, schools will be able to reduce energy consumption, water consumption, organize procurement, observance of the principles of environmentally friendly consumption, as well as engage students in the process at all stages of the project.
More detailed information about the project could be found in the organization «Friends of the Baltic».
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