River festival on Zhdanovka

May 18, St. Petersburg, on the banks of the river Zhdanovka was held the 9th interregional youth River Festival, which Friends of the Baltic, together with partners, annually hold on various rivers. Students from 20 educational establishments of city and region shared their stories about the rivers they research. On ecologic stations, which were held by NGO’s and teachers, students got acquainted with the methods of analysis of the rivers and ways to improve their condition.

This year about 20 teams from schools and centers for additional education of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region presented rivers, that they were kept under observation and protection and where they teach classes. Host school of Festival 2013 was school № 77 Petrogradsky district, where teachers for many years were studying the ecological status of the river Zhdanovka, nature and history of its surroundings.

Such Festival «Friends of the Baltic» together with partners hold on various rivers annually. Since 2005 it alredy was held on the rivers Strelka, Kikenka. Black, Slavyanka, Ivanovka (Krasnoselsky district), on the Ropsha ponds, rivers Karasta and Izhora. The festival serves for environmental education of youth, and to attract attention of the public to the necessity of careful attitude to nature.

In the beginning of the event, students presented their teams. In front of the hall wasposted rivers tape, each of the pieces of which represented one river. These flags students made themselves before the festival, they were very bright, interesting and informative. Among them were: Karasta river, Izhora, Kikenka, Kamenka, Krasnenkaya, Gryaznorechka, Neva river, Ivanovka, Kuzminka, Bistrica, Black, Ivanovka, Popovka and others.

After the presentation of the teams, all went to the park on river bank to take part in the ecological stations, prepared this year by students, teachers and environmental organizations. Stations of schoolchildren this year were dedicated to hydrology, water chemistry, bioindication and water trail. Greenpeace held a game station dedicated to forest fires, the guys could try themselves the role of firefighters: wear a fire shape, hold hoses, blowers and show how to operate the pump. At the station of «Friends of the Baltic» children drew what, in their opinion, pollute our rivers. From the «Friends of the Baltic» Festival participants learned what phosphates are and how they affect the Baltic sea, what is eutrophication and how we can protect our sea from it. Each of the teams showed a special interest in how they could personally affect the preservation of the purity of the Baltic sea.

After the teams went through all 7 stations, they returned to the hall, to show their performances on ecological themes. The participants prepared the small performances, sang songs about the rivers, and even played on the violin.

At the end of the festival all participants received diplomas and certificates of participation, as well as prizes - books with the materials on the Baltic sea. The final chord was the performance of the hymn of the Festival.

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