Bicycle Campaign 2012 for Sustainable Baltic Sea Coast continues Baltic Sea Environmental Bicycle Circle started in 1999

Friends of the Baltic NGO in cooperation with St.Petersburg Association of environmental journalists, Environmental human right center Bellona (St.Petersburg), and Sosnovy Bor NGO “Our native coast” run the environmental information bicycle campaign “For sustainable Baltic Sea Coast” in the period 13-26 of July, 2012.

The campaign will move along the route: St.Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Varmdö, Uppsala, Nynäshamn, Suderbyn, Visby, Fårö, Suderbyn, Stockholm, Helsinki, St.Petersburg.
Friends of the Baltic NGO in cooperation with various partners performed bicycle campaigns since1999 in the Russian part of the Gulf of Finland, around the Ladoga lake, Onega lake, along the coast in Kaliningrad area, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany. These campaigns were organized in the format of Moving Environmental Conference; its participants met NGO activists, journalists, teachers, active local people. They learned environmental situation along in the coast and in the Baltic Sea drainage area; shared experiences and ideas for improving environment and conservation of nature, raising public awareness on the coastal and marine environment.

This 14th campaign is specially aimed to the coastal issue: strengthening international cooperation, information and experience exchange for promotion of green solutions for sustainable coastal development, biodiversity conservation, for the sake of better Baltic Sea environment.

Within the campaign 2012 Russian bicyclists will learn coastal situation and green solutions in the Varmdo commun, on the Gotland and Faro islands, will visit Suderbyn ecovillage, learn permaculture approaches, exchange experience of promotion of the green lifestyle.
They will have a meeting with Gotland Water Council people, and speak on the ways to promote public participation in the basin management. In Russia this very actual issue, because basin principle is not yet applied to the spatial planning. Friends of the Baltic lead a River Watch program in the Gulf of Finland basin, and work for introduction of basin management ideas both to local and regional planning.

The campaign is supported by International coordinators of Neva River Clearwater NGO, and Suderbyn eco-village (Sweden).

Bicycle campaign 2012 continues our Baltic Sea Environmental Bicycle Circle, which we have started in 1999.

For more information please contact Olga Senova +7 921 9117986

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