Our history

First Friends of the Baltic members were school students and teachers - participants of the 1996 year’ field trip to the source of Karasta river, flowing to the Gulf of Finland. They have seen clean stream in the forest, which is running through rural settlements and Lomonosov town, and turn to the durty river in the mouth. Participants of those field trip have decided to help the river and the Baltic Sea, and established public youth non-government organization. Since that time the organization was developing, changing, even its name was changed - in 1996 it was Children of the Baltic NGO, and in 2000 when spheres of activity, and age range of member and participants became much wider, organization was renamed to Friends of the Baltic Our mission hasn’t changed - we aim to save nature and environment in Russia and Baltic Sea region.

Today more than 300 people of various ages and professions take part in Friends of the Baltic programs. We make public research of nature water quality, investigate microplastics and marine litter, do our best to reduce water pollution, promote Zero Waste and climate friendly solutions, energy efficiency and energy saving, educate all interested people on eco-friendly style of life.

If you are willing to take part in Friends of the Baltic activities and contribute to environmental protection of the Baltic Sea region, please, contact us!