Our team

Olga Senova

Founder and director general

Friends of the Baltic NGO is more than 22 years old already, and it has been more than a part of life for me. Through these years we managed to unite people with similar views, colleagues and those who care – teachers, schoolchildren, students, scientists, businessmen and people who care about the state of nature. Interaction and mutual support have always been giving me strength and fulfillment. Environmental education, public observations of rivers and the Baltic Sea, climate change and green energy, reasonable consumption – these are just some of the issues on which I happened to become a public expert. I think the world will be a better place if everyone understands that they are part of their environment and can either destroy it or help preserve it by their actions.

Elizaveta Merinova

Micoplastics, marine litter, waste and sustainable lifestyle expert

Environmentalism is my education, lifestyle and profession. Friends of the Baltic combines everything I like to do: research and field trips, analytical work, events and educational materials, work with schools and international organizations. I am inspired by the real results of our work: in the Bryansk school, light bulbs were replaced with LED, a girl from Tyumen refused cosmetics with microplastics, after reading our group, Luga citizens stopped taking water from a spring with high nitrate concentration. These are all examples of small changes in a big system – we have the power and the opportunity to make the world better right now!

Victoriia Rudenko

Climate and energy campaigner

At Friends of the Baltic, I focus on climate change, renewable energy energy efficiency and sustainable consumption. These are the main areas I'm working on, but what I actually do is a whole additional list of related topics. For example, just energy transition or sustainable transport solutions. I am inspired by the feeling of being a part of a worldwide movement, and therefore part of solving global problems. I believe that local initiatives implemented around the world will help us slow down climate change and preserve biodiversity on the planet.

Elena Gretchina

Energy and environment competition, water quality, energy conservation and waste theme expert

I am an ecologist by education and happy to work in my specialty. At Friends of the Baltic NGO you have a variety of activities: to speak at a conference, to develop an information stand, a brochure, to give an interview, to arrange a tour, and then to go "to the fields" to take samples. In my work, I am inspired by people - colleagues and volunteers. One meeting can be the beginning of a new project, where participants are inspired and apply practical solutions in their lives, or become experts and develop their local community. Together, we work for the protection of nature and sustainable development. When you are supported by the team, and initiatives are welcomed, the result is not long in coming.

Aleksandr Esipenok

Water quality, energy efficiency and energy saving themes expert

In my public work, the priority for me has always been the development of a network of grassroots civil environmental organizations, created not at someone's behest, but at the call of heart and the impossibility of not creating them. That is why when I moved to St. Petersburg, I immediately noticed "Friends of the Baltic", as the brightest local public organization that combines high-level expertise on a wide range of environmental issues and the protection of the rights and interests of ordinary people who often face environmental injustice. I am glad that thanks to the "Friends of the Baltic" I have the opportunity to participate in a constructive search for joint solutions with business, government and society to create a more comfortable and secure world for all of us.

Anna Ushakova

Water quality and environmental education themes expert

It is very important for me that what I do corresponds to my life values: a friendly attitude to nature and people, so I am in the "Friends of the Baltic". I am very pleased to work in a circle of like-minded people, together we implement environmental projects, engage in environmental education, interact with local communities, and much more.
I believe that even small actions now can in the future reduce the anthropogenic load on the Baltic Sea, give people access to clean drinking water, preserve the natural habitat of animals and plants, and in general, change the world for the better!

Liubov Samilova

Informational work assistant

"Friends of the Baltic" for me is an opportunity to do what I love. One of the activities of the organization is environmental education. I like to engage in educational activities in any form: disseminating information at events, at actions or through social networks. Informing citizens about environmental and climate problems is necessary to change the current situation. Being involved in this process is inspiring!

Andrey Senov

Executive Director

Before I became a permanent member of the team, I had been taking part in the “Friends of the Baltic” actions for many years. And in all people I met, I saw a common sense that amazed me. They truly wanted to make the world better. When I started to work in “Friends of the Baltic”, I joined this aspiration. My job is administrative, it deals with documents, reports and deadlines. But big accomplishments consist of small deeds. A flight into space begins with washing dishes. And I am glad that I can somehow help the world in which we live and which we love.