Eco-friendly game for schoolchildren with Friends of the Baltic

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 13:20

Friends of the Baltic organized stations at the eco-friendly game “Eco I invented” for schoolchildren on December 5 at the DDT “Y Voznesenskogo mosta” in Saint-Petersburg.
The ecological game and the competition of creative works on eco-topic is an annual event for schoolchildren 10-12 years old organized by the municipal council of the Sennoj okrug municipal district. Before of the contest, the students come to the Ecocentrum exhibition for the thematic classes of Friends of the Baltic, where they learn about how our daily lives affect the state of the environment and what actions can reduce their ecological footprint.
This year, Admiralteysky district of Saint-Petersburg, in which the game was held, turns 315 years old, and the game stations were organized on the topic of the ecological features of the district. “Water all around” and “Smart Light” - these were the names of the Friends of the Baltic stations dedicated to rivers and canals, yards and residents of the Admiralteysky District of St. Petersburg.
At the station “Water all around”, the children were offered a task with the search for answers to questions about the reservoirs and watercourses of the district, about types of pollution and ways to protect the aquatic environment. The students recalled that 13 rivers and canals flow in the district, and in total there are about 100 of them in St. Petersburg with a total length of more than 550 km. On the Griboedov Canal, for example, oil spills associated with the activities of boats are periodically observed. GUP Ecostroy is a specialized enterprise that collects garbage from the rivers and canals of the city. But water bodies are contaminated not only with garbage, but phosphates from washing powders, as well as nitrates with toilet drains, can get into them. In the district, almost all drains are directed to the sewage system of the city water utility, but there are also point sources. The guys found out that for water protection it is necessary to sort garbage, never throwing it in water, not to use harmful substances in the household - powders and shampoos with phosphates, not to pour out and never throw away medicines, hygiene products, household garbage into the sewer.
The “Smart Light” station was dedicated to energy conservation. The children compared incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and LEDs for different indicators. The service life of an incandescent lamp is 1200 hours, for a fluorescent lamp of a similar power - 10,000 hours, and an LED will last 40,000 hours. An important minus of the fluorescent lamp is that it contains mercury and after use it becomes a hazardous waste that must be recycled. LED lamps are currently the most environmentally friendly. Street lighting in the city is gradually being transferred to LED lamps. Recently, Nevsky Prospekt has become the first street in the city to be fully lit by LED lights. The students thought about ways to save electricity in everyday life, how saving energy can save the climate. They talked about why it is important to install motion sensors in yards and entrances.
Thanks to the game "Eco I Invented", the students learned more about the features of the area where they live and about ways to protect the environment, consolidated the knowledge gained in the classes at the Ecocentrum.