Ecocentrum projects and programs for 2017-2018 school year

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Thu, 09/21/2017 - 13:14

On September 19th a round table was held with the participation of experts of Friends of the Baltic in the Ecocentrum exhibition center. It was dedicated to educational projects, programs and activities in the 2017-2018 school year. The meeting was attended by teachers from St. Petersburg and Leningrad region who are interested in environmental education, eco-investigations, energy conservation, implementing green solutions for the conservation of nature, climate and the Baltic sea. Among them there were not only experienced educators and our regular partners, but also those who want to know more about environmental issues.

Research on nitrates and river watch

Anna Kazina presented the methods and results of water objects research in Leningrad region. The research was on the content of nitrates. On this topic Anna spoke about methodology as well and explained our guests how every person can take part in this study using the rapid method (test strips). The results of the study of nitrates in water will be represented on the special interactive map, which will not only trigger locations with exceeding level of nitrates, but also generate relevant petitions to authorities asking for more thorough inspection and elimination of pollution sources.

In the framework of the program "River Watch", there are more than 20 groups of students under the guidance of teachers studying rivers and other water bodies of the Gulf of Finland basin. The results of observations are presented at the annual conference. Nadezhda Bystrova invited everyone to participate in the 17th Interregional scientific and practical student conference "Environmental Monitoring of Rivers and Coast of the Gulf of Finland", which is to be held on 13 October 2017 in Peterhof. Participation is open for students from 5th to 11th grade, who themselves conducted an independent study on the environmental state of the Baltic sea.

The traditional River Festival is to be held in next year in the basin of Luga River, Tolmachevo village.

Climate change and inventory of flooded areas

Ekaterina Uspenskaya made a presentation of negative effects of climate change in the North-West region of Russia. The negative effects are manifested in the form of increased number of adverse weather events, rising groundwater and flooding of territories, increase the influx and distribution of pollutants in natural waters. "Friends of the Baltic" prepared an information leaflet about the floods and other consequences, as well as possible solutions to mitigate the effects and adapt to those that are already happening.

Along with the research on nitrates, "Friends of the Baltic" invite all those interested to participate in a public inventory of flooded areas with the help of a questionnaire for the population. Identifying flooded areas and the location of potentially ecologically dangerous objects can help to identify hazards and take measures to prevent the influx of unwanted substances into the water.

"Energy and environment" Competition in 2017-2018 school year

Daria Mytareva presented the educational project on climate - SPARE (School project on the rational use of resources and energy). The central event of the project is an annual competition of school projects "Energy and environment". It has already been announced, applications are accepted since October. SPARE accepts for participation projects created by schoolchildren and teachers aimed at the implementation of energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy sources, informing the community about climate change and simple low-carbon solutions. This year a new category was also added – it’s the climate plan of the school. The position and the registration form can be downloaded here.
Find out any additional information on the topic by phone: 8 921 744 42 55 or email:

Microplastics - the invisible problem

This year "Friends of the Baltic" continues to do research on water content of the microplastic. We welcome your school group to join the studies. For participation it is necessary to send an application to the mail Then we will contact you and send the method of water selection and working with the microscope.
The coast monitoring on the subject of macro-litter will also continue until winter. The method of monitoring you can download here.
We will be glad to receive information about the conducted monitoring! Please, send us an email:

Also this year "Friends of the Baltic" together with Sennoy district municipality will hold a series of educational events, lectures, and lessons on the basis of the Ecocentrum exhibition.