Energy efficient buildings - comfort, savings, nature and climate conservation

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Fri, 12/05/2014 - 17:07

"Friends of the Baltic" with the support of non-profit partnership "City Association of homeowners" led the acquaintance tour to "energyefficient residential block" at the end of the week which followed the International Energysaving Day.

Journalists, representatives of public organizations of S.Petersburg and Finland, connected with issue of implementation of energy saving in schools, residential homes and offices, participants of SPARE project, as well as professionals and students of the Department of energy efficiency of Applied Sciences University Kyomenlaakso (Finland), participants of the Russian-Finnish project "Step to Ecosupport" attended the tour.

Energyefficiency is the key to many environmental and economic problems solution. Besides saving resources, energy efficiency provides a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change. Energyefficiency potential in residential sector is more than 53 million tons of fuel oil equivalent.

During project "City homeowners Association" manage to implement a complex of energy saving measures and improvement of energy efficiency of lighting in three buildings through energy service contracts. According to the results of energysaving measures they received 30% electricity savings in December 2012.

Two buildings in Kolpino district were presented. The first building built in 2006, the building is managed by the homeowners. Thermal unit was upgraded three years ago, with the help of energy service contract. Automatic controls which, depending on weather conditions, automatically regulates temperature of the heating systems in apartments, were installed. This allowed residents to save 30 percent of the payment bills for heating.

In the same building by energy service contract motion sensors on stairs were installed. That saved 30% of the electricity consumed for lighting.

In second building residents initiated the modernization of the thermal unit, which now allows homeowners to decrease payment from 3 thousand to 2 thousand rubles per month.

All this shows that energy efficiency offers a very measurable effect. In framework of the state program of Russian Federation "Energy saving and energy efficiency for the period up to 2020" energy-saving measures should be given to 2020 annual energy savings of 63 billion kWh, which is equal to planned production for the same period of one of Russia's largest nuclear power plant (Leningrad and Kursk - each 28 billion kWh per year) and the largest Russian CHP - Surgutskaya GRES (up to 39 billion kWh/year).