Energy Saving Day for future builders

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Thu, 11/24/2016 - 20:11

On November 24, Friends of the Baltic organized and conducted an open Energy Saving Day for students of building and construction related courses of the College of Tourism and Hotel service. Future builders and buildings managers at tourist destinations took part in two sections: Climate and Energy, and Energy Efficiency.

The section on energy efficiency consisted of several parts: an exhibition of five Energy Efficient Building banners, a demonstration of how a thermal imaging camera works (as an add-on for a tablet) and a demonstration set of energy saving equipment for buildings (Energycase).

Students saw firsthand the simplest technical means of energy saving, from the materials that may be used to insulate the exterior constructions of the building, to energy meters and aerators.
Something that drew special attention of students was the model of an energy efficient window. Not only could future builders see, they got the chance to touch the model in order to understand the way energy saving windows are different from usual ones.

The students were very interested in working with the thermal imaging system. They quickly got the idea and used it to inspect the room and identify spots where heat energy is lost.

During the climate part of the event, the students heard about the scientific basis of climate change, about the consequences that climate change has around the world, and solutions to this problem that already exist. Future builders and buildings managers need to be prepared for the negative effects of climate change - mainly by means of adapting city infrastructure. The students understood the relation between climate change and energy consumption, learned about the actions that can slow down climate change, and discussed the possibility of implementing simple climate friendly solutions in our daily lives.

Overall, the seminar was useful for both sides: students learned new information that is going to be of importance for their future careers, and Friends of the Baltic got to meet the ones who will soon be among experts in the field of energy management of buildings and energy efficient construction.