Energy saving starts with you

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 13:55

On September 15th, Friends of the Baltic took part at the all-Russian festival of energy saving #VmesteYarche-2018. The festival took place in the center of St. Petersburg on the spit of Vasilievsky Island near the famous Rostral columns. We organized an interactive platform for all visitors from children to adults and senior citizens. Everyone showed a great interest in energy suitcase, the "Energy efficient building" exhibition and materials of the SPARE project*. We answered some tricky questions and talked about the available ways of energy saving.
Experts of the international SPARE project also prepared a variety of questions for visitors on climate change, energy conservation and saving resources. By answering these questions participants could find out what action they could take to preserve the climate. Together we discussed the existing energy sources, release of carbon dioxide in energy production, impact of carbon dioxide emissions on climate change. People shared which methods of energy saving they already use and learned about some new ones from us.

With leading questions and items on the site, we invited participants to think how it is possible to reduce energy consumption and thereby minimize the impact on the climate through the conscious consumption, reuse of things, separate collection and processing of waste and other methods of saving resources. The main goal of discussion was to show that anyone can contribute to climate protection through the conservation of resources, the implementation of energy saving methods and efficient use of energy.

All these aspects are addressed in the SPARE project, aimed at cooperation with schools. Every visitor of our interactive area learned about the all-russian contest "Energy and habitat", which is the central part of the project. This year the motto of the contest is: “Save the climate, saving energy and resources”! It sets a new direction to the competition, because resource saving topics are added.
The issue of creating the school's climate plans is becoming more and more relevant. We told the festival visitors how to conduct an energy survey of the school, find out where energy is wasted and create a climate plan for the school to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and slow down climate change. "School climate plan" is a young nomination of the competition. This topic is also at the stage of development at different levels of the state. Climate plans for some state regions already exist, but ideally such plans of local action in climate protection must exist in every organization. The school is a special place, the Alma mater of the younger generation, so it is important to share with students the knowledge of how each of us can reduce an impact on the climate. Participation in the SPARE project helps to get such kind of knowledge. Each school can conduct its own energy survey and make the climate plan of the school on the basis of the results. Any student can offer a project or study on energy conservation, or provide information product. Any interested teacher can submit to the competition a developed abstract of the lesson.

*SPARE (School project for application of resources and energy). The central event of the project is the annual competition of school projects "Energy and habitat". It has already been announced, applications are accepted since October. The projects made by schoolchildren and teachers aimed at the implementation of energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy sources, informing the community about the topic of climate change and simple low-carbon solutions are accepted for participation.