Friends of the Baltic and Ecocentrum received diplomas of the Government of Saint-Petersburg

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 21:00

The contest of school projects "Energy and Environment" and an exhibition of five Energy Efficient Building banners were awarded by diplomas by government of the Saint-Petersburg on October 5, on seminar “Energy saving in the budgetary sphere and housing and communal services. The main tasks and solutions” on VI International congress “Energy saving and energy efficiency – dynamic of development”.

Regional public ecological organization Friends of the Baltic received diploma of winner in nomination “Best project to promote energy-saving lifestyle among children of preschool and school age” for the contest of school projects "Energy and Environment" (in the frame work of SPARE program).

Ltd. Ecocentrum received diploma of participant in nomination “The best series of posters for the popularization of energy saving lifestyle” for an exhibition of five Energy Efficient Building banners.

On the seminar were discussed problems and practice of implementation of energy service contracts (ESC). Now there are a number of circumstances that are difficult to overcome, but now much has already been done to improve the situation in this sphere by specialists of Center of Energy Saving. For example, now prepared and distributed by government agencies information letter explaining the procedure of conclusion of ESC. Also, prepared step by step instructions how to conclude ESC and developed program of implementation of ESC for the next 5 years. This program will predict and planning to carry out the development of this industry. In addition, Center of Energy Saving is planning to combine programs of major repairs with energy service activities and held educational events and activities to raise interest in energy services from customers.

Further speeches were held institutions, which already concluded ESC, and representatives of energy service companies.

According to O. Senova, who is chairwoman of Friends of the Baltic, ESC is a reasonable and effective model to improving energy efficiency of buildings. Tools of state support and favorable conditions for investments attraction are necessary conditions that will pay off many times, not only by comfort in schools, offices, homes and hospitals, but also by saving energy and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Participation of all users of the building who are interested in the result – is an important component of successful implementation of ESC. For example, in schools, participants of SPARE program implement themselfes many small-scale energy efficiency measures. Such school projects winning the contest "Energy and Environment". An exhibition of Energy Efficient Building shows users and managers of buildings a full range of energy effective solutions, from those that can be implemented cheaply and independently, even just by changing habits, to a large-scale modernization, which can be done with help of ESC.