"Friends of the Baltic" presented their projects and programs in the 2014-2015 academic year

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At the round table, which was held in St. Petersburg on September 16th, Friends of the Baltic specialists announced programs and projects for the upcoming academic year. Teachers, students and all partner organizations were invited to cooperate on different issues - environmental education, support for environmental management in schools, implementing energy saving measures and other green solutions for nature conservation, climate change and the Baltic Sea.

"Friends of the Baltic" coordinate international project SPARE for more than 10 years in St. Petersburg and Russia.

Central event of the project is an annual competition of school projects "Energy and Environment" - has already been announced. Different projects of students and school teachers are presented. Projects are aimed to introduce energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy sources, informing communities about the climate change topic and simple low-carbon solutions. International stage of the competition will be held in the form of an international summer camp in the Tien Shan foothills (Kazakhstan).

November 11th International Energy Saving Day was initiated by the SPARE project and held in many countries already 7 years in a roll. In 2014 this day will be devoted to the energy efficient lighting - in school, office and home. To help those who are planning to carry out actions on the Energy Efficiency Day there will be materials and instructions released by the mid-October. They can be downloaded from the website spareworld.org or via e-mail by sending a request to spare-coordination@spareworld.org address. 

Russian-Finnish project "Step to Ecosupport" is continuing. "Friends of the Baltic" help Ecosupporters in schools, kindergartens and education centers (directors, teachers, supply managers) to implement green solutions in practice and motivate colleagues and students follow the simple rules of eco-friendly attitude to nature. On 28th of October "Friends of the Baltic" conducted the seminar- training "Ecosupporters: energy management in schools." Final seminar of the project "Step to Ecosupport", during which the experience of Russian and Finnish Ecosupporters will be presented, scheduled for November 10th. For participation, please contact by mail shauro.baltfriends@gmail.com

Project materials can be downloaded HERE
In the nearest future the online course will be launched on THIS web page

Public observation of the rivers and the sea as part of the international program "River Watch" supported by International Coalition Clean Baltic is led by the members and partners of "Friends of the Baltic" organization. More than 20 local school groups under the guidance of teachers studying water quality and shores of water bodies in the region. Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference of pupils "Environmental monitoring of small rivers and the Gulf of Finland" will be held on October 18th 2014 in Lomonosov.

This year "Friends of the Baltic" plan to conduct monitoring of wells and boreholes for nitrates. To participate in this program, please contact kulikova-lomonosov@yandex.ru

For participation in "Friends of the Baltic" projects and programs please call 8 (921) 744 42 55, or email dafania_ne@bk.ru, shauro.baltfriends@gmail.com