Green tour in the center of St.Petersburg

Submitted by Анна Казина on Sat, 07/07/2018 - 18:22

«Sennoy Okrug» municipality held a cycle of environmental events for residents, in July 2018, located in the center of St. Petersburg. The Green tour was the key event of this series of events. Experts of Friends of the Baltic NGO, a long-time partner of the municipality, organized a lecture in educational exhibition Ecocentrum, about the ecological situation in the city and the choice of green solutions to reduce the negative impact of people to nature. They also told about the environmental aspects of the city environment: city transport, landscape ponds in city, as well as rivers and canals.

Darya Kuryatnikova, the specialist of “Sennoy Okrug” municipality, told about the history of the district; Zinaida Malysheva, Alla Berendeeva and Lydia Serova, experts from Palace of Children's Creativity "U Voznesenskogo mosta” presents a lecture about plants in the city.

Ekaterina Uspenskaya, Friends of the Baltic expert, told about transport impact on the environment - internal combustion engines transport consumes 80% of world oil consumption, and contributes about the same share to air pollution. In addition, the railway and other rail transport (metro, trams) are one of the cleanest transport.

Alina Karpova presented about the role of inland natural water bodies in cities. Participants have the lecture in Yusupov Garden, green oasis in the center of the big city. Such water bodies are the important decoration of the urban landscape, as well as the place of living of many organizms - aquatic plants, invertebrate small crustaceans and larvae, waterfowl. Saving of clean waters is important for both animals and humans. Garbage and pollutants in the pond will not disappear, they will only decompose inside and damage the aquatic ecosystem.

On the bank of the Griboedov Canal, Elizaveta Merinova told about plastic in water bodies, and how people can reduce the amount of plastic garbage by discarding to use of plastic goods and packaging.

New disaster for rivers and seas - microplastic, the smallest particles of plastic from 2.5 mm to several microns. They are overgrown with aquatic organics. Pollutants settle on them, and if fish and other aquatic animals are swallowed, it causes great harm to the animals, and to people that use it for food. Such particles can be formed as a result of the collapse of large plastic objects under mechanical and physical factors (temperature, ultraviolet radiation). There are special plastic granules in cosmetics: scrubs, gels and other body care products. In this case, it is possible for the consumer to refuse to purchase such products containing microplastic - and for business to think about replacing plastic with organic substances.

The “ecological” leitmotif of the Green Tour is the value of nature in the city and the fact that every citizen can help to save and improve the quality of the environment, thought everyday choice of goods in supermarket.