Info-kit on microplastics and marine litter – all links in one place

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The Kit of information and methodic materials, developed within the project “More Baltic Less Plastic” includes booklets on microplastics, methodic on public researches of marine litter on the sea coast and microplastics in water bodies, public map with the results of microplastics investigations in the Gulf of Finland basin, publications on the web site and social networks

About litter and microplastics in water bodies - manual «River watch»

Chapter 4.6. Litter in nature water bodies, page 16

Chapter 4.7. Microplastics in nature water bodies, page 17 

To start investigations – with methodic annexes

The methodology for monitoring the marine macro litter on beaches

The methodology for monitoring pollution of water bodies with microplastics

Map with monitoring data: (layer «Microplastics»)

Guide for consumers – list of self care products, which contain microplastics and list of microplastics ingredients which we should avoid

Booklet «Microplastics-invisible problem»

Manual for conducting classes on marine litter:

Educational exhibition on plastic:   

You can find information about microplatics in general, some results of investigations and field trips, invitatations on trainings and monitoring, thematic events on community «Microplastics – invisible problem» and on Ecocentrum web-site in part «Plastic free Baltic»

«More Baltic, Less Plastic project» project  is implemented with the support of Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation.