Schoolchildren of St. Petersburg save energy and resources

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Fri, 03/01/2019 - 01:00

Schoolchildren and teachers – participants of the 20th annual regional contest "Energy and environment” know why and how to save resources and energy. On February 27, the youth conference "Climate, energy and environment" dedicated to the results of the regional contest" Energy and environment" of the 2018-2019 academic year was held at the environmental volunteer center. The competition is part of the all-Russian school project on application for resources and energy (SPARE).

Students presented project’s results and information materials on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through simple energy and resource - saving solutions in their daily lives. Some schools in St. Petersburg are developing comprehensive Climate plans for the school, which will help to adapt to the climate changes that we feel today, and save energy through energy efficiency. 2 climate plans were presented at the conference. In the pedagogical nomination were presented their own pedagogical development lessons on practical solutions for energy saving.

Ksenia Leonova from 389 Lyceum "CEO" in her project find out that the optimal water temperature for brewing black tea (91 C degrees) for 3 persons is more economical to achieve when heating the container with water in the microwave than in a kettle or pan.
A student of DDT Primorsky district Safonchik Sergei in his project compared the waste of electricity during computer games on different devices and came to the conclusion that it is not profitable to play.
The team of Lyceum № 395 showed the cartoon "Tame electric vampires in modern apartments", showing the life of one family before and after compliance with simple rules of energy saving. Public Association "Colibry v CADRe" presented a set of board games "Energy Card” for children and adults.
Fisenko Lavrenty from Lyceum № 389 " CEO " presented a training presentation on the results of inspection of buildings by thermal imager and gave recommendations how to save the temperature in the buildings. The head of the project "Poster" Save the climate on the planet " told the background of the project. Children-students of boarding school № 49 "School of health "in Peterhof not only study the topic of climate change, but also practice the rules of energy and resource saving in their lives, for example, arrange" pajama parties " - turn off the extra light when preparing for bed. Simple rules of energy and resource saving were presented by schoolchildren on their poster.

Pedagogical dynasty of Ptushkina Galina and Tatyana presented methodical manual of the lesson for elementary school – game with ranking of points "Protect the climate". Kotova Tatyana presented methodical development of the lesson for high school students "Energy and climate".
The culmination of the conference was the interactive game "Life cycle of things" - how consumption of things are related with climate change. Multi-using of things, keeping them from falling into the landfill or giving up from one-time things - steps to reduce of new resources extraction and energy consumption.
Each team studied the life cycle of a different things - jeans, a chocolate egg, a flash card, a Tetra-pack package from milk, a wall calendar. The most difficult path from resource extraction to production and consumption have the chocolate egg and jeans due to the multi-component composition, resource extraction and location of production in different parts of the world. That is, even at the stage of production, our things have a significant impact on the environment, including due to the transport carbon footprint – the emission of greenhouse gases during the transportation of the components of the thing. Participants came up with ways to reuse these things or justify the possibility of abandoning some of them, for example, a chocolate egg.

The winners were awarded with diplomas and gifts.
The conference was held by the company "Ekocentrum", Friends of the Baltic NGO, St. Petersburg Center for energy conservation, SUE "SF "Mineral" with the support of the Committee for nature use, environmental protection and ecological safety of St. Petersburg. The organization of the contest "Energy and habitat" was also supported by the Ecological and biological center "Krestovsky island "And Children and youth center "Peterhof".