SPARE in Luga

Submitted by Елена Гретчина on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 01:00

September 6, “Friends of the Baltic” represented the School Project on Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE), the All-Russian contest of school projects on energy and resource conservation “Energy and the environment” и and the poster exhibition “Energy Efficient Building” (RUS) at the festival “Together, Brighter” in the city of Luga in Leningrad region.

The festival is an all-Russian annual event, the main idea of which is to draw attention to the problem of energy conservation. Traditionally, in the framework of the Festival, different cities organize holidays and cycles of events dedicated to this topic. Friends of the Baltic have already taken part in such a holiday in St. Petersburg for several years. This year, in cooperation with the Energy Saving Center of the Leningrad Region, Friends of the Baltic organized an educational section for schoolchildren and presented an exhibition on energy saving in buildings to all visitors to the Festival in the city of Luga.
Teams of schoolchildren from different schools of the Luga municipal region took part in an interactive game, answering questions about the causes and consequences of climate change, how much is antropogenic impact in it, where the electric and thermal energy comes from in our homes, what fuel is burned at energy power plants for getting energy and is it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving energy at home. The students learned about simple ways to save energy, presented in the "Energy Case". For example, a device with a timer allows you to disconnect the device from the power supply on time, even while remaining plugged in, thereby saving energy. Massage shower head saves up to 20% of water. Light walls in the room are preferable, since sunlight is reflected from them, making the space brighter. Participants argued about which lamp is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly from a life cycle perspective. Everyone came to the conclusion that LED lamps are preferable to fluorescent and incandescent lamps, can save energy up to 20 times compared to incandescent lamps and do not contain mercury, like fluorescent lamps. Interactive participants shared their knowledge and home energy saving methods. Friends of the Baltic presented the contest “Energy and the environment”, spoke in detail about the nominations and conditions for participation. Students is interested in participation.
Residents of Luga and the district familiarized themselves with the Energy Efficient Building exhibition, which presents ways to save electricity, heat, water in a building both at the stage of building a house and based on existing living conditions. Friends of the Baltic have distributed benefits on energy conservation and green living.