River Watch

Participate in the activities of the "River Watch" network:

Step 1. Join our community! Fill out the form. After registration, you will receive a newsletters about our events.

Step 2. Read the methodological materials on public monitoring of rivers and other water bodies at the link. Feel free to use these materials to prepare your team of observers for research.

Step 3. Participate in the River Festival , a massive environmental awareness campaign for young people dedicated to solutions to preserve the purity of the waters of the Gulf of Finland basin. It is held annually in the spring.

Step 4. April-October is an active field season for public observers. Friends of the Baltic are ready to provide not only methodological support, but also to provide temporary use of field research kits. We constantly try new methods of express testing and choose the best ones to get the most accurate results. Contact us to learn more about this.

Step 5. Participate in the annual methodological seminars for teachers of the cooperation network "River Watch" (September-May).

Step 6. Present the results of your research at the conference "Environmental monitoring of Rivers and the Gulf Coast and the state of the Environment", which is held annually in October. You can read the abstracts of the past conferences here.

We publish these observations on the Map of Public monitoring of water bodies.