The School Project for Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE) was launched by Russian public organizations within the framework of the international project SPARE.

SPARE's goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the dangerous effects of climate change. This can be achieved faster and cheaper by saving and using energy and resources more efficiently. SPARE helps implement energy efficiency and resource conservation measures in schools, families, and local communities.

The SPARE program started working in Russia in 1996. Since then, more than 800 schools have become active participants in the program, and about 2,600 schools use various SPARE materials on climate, energy, and environment, on sustainable use of energy and resources, about energy efficiency, renewables and other climate friendly solutions.  

The key event of the SPARE project is the All-Russian competition of school projects on resource and energy efficiency "Energy and Environment". The competition was first held in 2005 thanks to the Russian SPARE network with the support of the Federal Agency for Education, the United Nations Development Programme (Moscow) and the Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation. The competition consists of regional and all-Russian stages, held annually from September to March.

The regional competition "Energy and Environment" is included in the plan of city mass events of the Committee on Education of the Government of St. Petersburg. It is coordinated by the "Friends of the Baltic".

The International Day of Energy Saving on November 11, established in 2008 by SPARE network, is celebrated in many countries. It is attended by Russian schoolchildren from all over Russia, in addition, Energy Saving Day is celebrated by enterprises and other organizations.

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