Ocean Acidification in the Baltic Sea

Submitted by Виктория Руденко on Mon, 08/23/2021 - 13:44

The report covers the theoretical foundations of ocean acidification as a process occurring in all waters on the planet, the causes of acidification in general, the effect of the process specifically for the Baltic Sea and the impact of acidification on its ecosystem. The report describes in detail the current state of acidification and monitoring approaches. You will also learn about the actions that we need to take to mitigate acidification and adapt to its consequences.

The report is suitable for teachers and activists involved in water monitoring, climate change issues and its impact on aquatic ecosystems. For a more complete dive in the topic, we recommend that you first read the Action Guide "Ocean Acidification. Fact Sheet for school students and proactive citizens".

The report was created within the framework of the BALSAM project.