Water quality

Water Quality

The priority of the "Friends of the Baltic" is to preserve the purity of the waters of the Baltic Sea basin.

The public river watch network started working in 1998: student groups led by teachers and locals in collaboration with scientists explore rivers, springs, lakes, and coastal waters of the Gulf of Finland. If the tests show an excess of the permissible content of some substances in the water, then laboratory tests are carried out and with these results volunteers contact environmental organizations and local authorities with a request to solve the problem.

The results of research and potential sources of pollution are plotted on the map of public monitoring of natural waters bodies. In particular, the map shows the results of a study of socially significant springs with data on exceeding the standards for the content of pollutants.

In addition to direct research, "Friends of the Baltic" talks about how you can reduce your own negative impact on the quality of natural waters.